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The Evil Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Paramount+ series "Evil" was created by Robert and Michelle King, who you may know as the powerhouse duo behind "The Good Wife" and its spinoff "The Good Fight." While it is considerably different in style and tone from the legal drama "The Good Wife," "Evil" retains the husband and wife team's penchant for biting dialogue, complex characters, and heightened workplace drama. While it initially reads like a procedural, it quickly becomes much more than that while also remaining deeply unsettling.

The series follows Dr. Kristen Bouchard (Katja Herbers), a forensic psychologist hired by the Catholic Church to investigate supposed supernatural phenomena. She works alongside David Acosta (Mike Colter), a deep-voiced priest-in-training who believes in demons, spirits, and the like. Kristen and David are joined by Ben Shakir (Aasif Mandvi), who, like Kristen, is a skeptic and seeks to prove that there's a logical explanation to the phenomena they investigate. Above all, "Evil" is a show about faith and about how the things we believe in structure and define our lives. However, the show is interesting as each character has their own set of beliefs that often conflict.

As such, every character on "Evil" is brought to life with conviction and nuance, even if their actions are sometimes perplexing. Curious about how you would fare in the magical, terrifying world that the Kings have created? Then read on to find out which "Evil" character you are based on the most scientific criteria of them all –- the zodiac.

Aries: Laura Bouchard

Kristen has four young daughters on "Evil," and they can be hard to keep track of, so we'll break it down for you. Kristen's youngest daughter is Laura, and we've decided that Laura is an Aries. This is an easy designation, given that Arians -– those born between March 21 and April 19 –- are the first signs in the zodiac and are often known as the babies of the signs. While this is literally true for Laura, as the youngest in the family, it also reflects her personality.

While Laura is pretty well-behaved, she's also sassy and always wants to be involved in whatever's going on. As young children often are, she can be impatient, especially when she feels she's being treated unfairly. This is also a classic quality of Aries, as those born under this sign are often easily bored and always want to be a part of the action. As fire signs, they are passionate and determined, but they are also honest and work hard to get things done.

Though Laura certainly displays these fiery characteristics, she's also rather naive since she has three big sisters protecting her. This means she's the most innocent of the Bouchards, but it also means she's overly trusting, which isn't a great quality when there's clearly something demonic going on in your house. We just hope that if Laura ever faces any demons of her own, she can use that Arian courage to fight them off.

Taurus: Andy Bouchard

In the world of "Evil," Andy is a character who is spoken about much more than he is actually seen. For most of the series thus far, Andy has been off in the mountains leading climbing expeditions for the company he and Kristen own. While it's clear he loves his daughters, and they love him, Kristen is left with the burden of taking care of four young girls.

While it might seem strange to cast the world-traveling Andy as a Taurus, given that Taureans are known as somewhat conservative homebodies, hear us out before you pass judgments. Taureans -– born between April 20 and May 20 -– are fixed earth signs, which means they are practical, stable people. While they can be stubborn, this comes from the fact that they are very committed to preserving and following through with whatever it is they've set out to do. Taureans are the kind of people who are all in and never in-between.

While Andy is certainly not a nine-to-five type of father, he is committed to keeping his and Kristen's business afloat and providing for his family. However, when he realizes that Kristen is struggling on her own, he decides to make a big change and sell the company after one final expedition. This certainly represents a Taurean "all in" mentality, even if Andy is pretty much in the dark about what's actually going on with Kristen. Hint -– it's definitely a little demonic.

Gemini: Leland Townsend

Leland Townsend is a very scary guy, so if you're a Gemini, we're sorry. Before all of you Geminis get mad at us, we'll explain why this is the case. Leland prides himself on being extremely manipulative, a skill that allows him to get into people's heads and push their buttons. He also clearly has multiple personas that he can call on. He can be charming and personable when he wants to be, such as when he starts dating Sheryl, but deep down, he only wants power for himself.

Geminis –- those born between May 21 and June 20 –- have the reputation of being "two-faced," but what this really means is that Geminis are very versatile and have the unique capability of transforming themselves depending on their circumstances. Very quick-witted and analytical, they are skilled at communication and learn very quickly from their surroundings. If present in a kind, good-spirited person, these characteristics can exhibit themselves in many positive ways, but for someone like Leland, these traits are very dark, indeed.

Leland wants to be all-powerful and all-knowing, which is why he hooks up with the devil in the first season. It's likely that he wants all this power because deep down, he's actually insecure, something that comes through in situations where he unexpectedly loses the upper hand. He hates being outsmarted or outplayed, which is why, in true Gemini form, he's always thinking one step ahead.

Cancer: Lexis Bouchard

Lexis is the second-youngest sister out of the four and was conceived using fertility treatment. Perhaps because of this, starts displaying some rather alarming physical characteristics in Season 2. She has vampire-like incisor teeth, which, while she was unconscious, cut off an unsuspecting dentist's fingers. She also has a green tail protruding from her lower back.

Like many girls her age, Lexis struggles with her self-image. When Kristen finds Lexis looking at videos on how to make herself skinnier and prettier, she assures her that she's beautiful just the way she is and she doesn't need to change anything about herself, as any good mom would do. Lexi seems to be more in touch with her emotions than her sisters, which is why she's a Cancer.

Cancers -– those born between June 21 and July 22 -– are one of the most emotional, empathetic, and sensitive signs in the zodiac. They are strongly connected to family and home and are loyal, sympathetic individuals with a strong sense of imagination. We're not sure what's going on with Lexis at this point, as she could be a demon-in-training or just an insecure kid, but it's clear that she's starting to grow into herself, which is a very emotional, personal process. You never really know which way Cancers are going to swing, as they can be kind or vengeful, so we'll have to cross our fingers and wait for Lexis' final form to reveal itself.

Leo: Sheryl Luria

At first glance, Sheryl comes off as the "fun Grandma" of the Bouchard family. She's easy-going, free-spirited, and much less strict with the girls than Kristen. Of course, this also means Sheryl is sometimes reckless with her granddaughters, such as when she gives them a dangerous new VR game or starts giving Lexis some unsavory advice. Despite these more troubling aspects of her personality, Sheryl is certainly an entertaining, confident person, which is why she's a Leo.

Leos -– those born between July 23 and August 22 -– are the theatrical, extravagant signs of the zodiac, and they love to be treated like royalty. Leos are passionate, cheerful individuals with a great sense of humor and love to look good. Sheryl certainly has a lot of passion and confidence, as Leos do, but these qualities take a rather dark turn by Season 2.

After dating and becoming engaged to Leland despite Kristen's many objections, Sheryl starts behaving strangely and seems to care less about her family than other aspects of her life. It's even more concerning when she starts participating in some sort of bloodletting ritual sacrifice in Season 2 with someone named Edward and praying to a creepy-looking doll. It's clear from her actions that Sheryl desires power and prestige, something Leland and Edward can give her. If this power comes from something demonic, who cares? Sheryl isn't afraid of a little attention, another Leo quality, and she's not afraid of a little demonic sacrifice, either.

Virgo: Kristen Bouchard

As a scientist, Kristen sees things in black and white –- or at least she tries to. She has an intense need to find answers for the problems that plague her, and for this reason, Kristen is a Virgo, which you are too if you were born between August 23 and September 22. Virgos are known as analysts, and they are always processing information and trying to find solutions. They are perfectionists who sometimes have a tendency to work too hard.

Unlike David, Kristen does not believe in God and always wants everything to be in its place, striving for the appearance of order. Her demeanor becomes more relaxed when she's around her kids, but she's still quite firm in defining boundaries with them. Kristen is a rather complicated character because she's extremely practiced in the art of denial but also has an insatiable desire to find the truth. She knows something weird is going on with her after she killed Orson LeRoux, but she's too afraid to tell anyone, so she goes about solving the problem in her own obsessive way.

As a Virgo, she's someone who likes having a system to deal with things, which is why her work with David, as well as her feelings for him, throws her into a crisis. The push-and-pull between her and David is so fascinating to watch that we don't really want to see her change her ways — at least not too much.

Libra: Kurt Boggs

Libras –- those born between September 23 and October 22 –- are known as the diplomats of the zodiac, and they are represented by the symbol of the scales. Libras are great listeners, they love to analyze and dissect things, and are known for having the ability to see all sides of an issue. As their archetype suggests, they are interested in promoting justice and keeping the peace.

If these sound like good traits for a therapist, you're right, which is why the resident Libra on "Evil" is none other than Kurt Boggs, Kristen's therapist. Kurt is a level-headed person who, like Kristen, believes there is a scientific or psychological explanation for everything. He's one of the few people Kristen feels comfortable talking freely with -– though, of course, she doesn't tell him everything -– which indicates that he's probably a pretty good listener and at least a competent therapist.

Kristen does actually tell Kurt that she murdered Orson LeRoux, which, to his credit, he takes fairly calmly. He generally appears to be trying to do the right thing, though perhaps in this specific case prescribing Kristen medication might not actually be helping as much as he thinks it is. He can be a bit self-serving at times, such as when he decides he wants to shadow Kristen, David, and Ben so he can write a book about the work they do, but he's basically harmless and even has the capacity to actually be helpful at times.

Scorpio: Sister Andrea

Sister Andrea is the most mysterious, powerful, and intriguing character on "Evil," which is why she's a Scorpio. Scorpios –- those born between October 23 and November 21 -– are intense individuals who are often said to have piercing eyes that seem to look into your soul. Scorpios are water signs, which means they are intuitive and are strategic about how they deal with other people. Confident and cunning individuals, they are not people you want to cross.

We know little about Sister Andrea except that she's a nun and seems very wise, which only adds to her mystique. She is the only person at the church who understands David and can help him in his journey. Like David, she is very in touch with God and understands Him in ways others do not. Despite her frail stature, she's not afraid of anything –- not the devil, nor Leeland, nor anything else she encounters. She even pulls a knife on Leland when he visits her at the church.

You might think such a strong-willed person would be upset that her position doesn't allow her the same privileges as men in the church, but she seems content with her work and focused on thinking about the bigger picture. Unlike the other characters in the show, she has absolute faith and never once wavers in her beliefs. This is what makes her a formidable opponent for Leland — and perhaps even the devil himself.

Sagittarius: Lila Bouchard

Lila is the second-oldest sister in the Bouchard family. She's definitely a Sagittarius, which is why she's the most adventurous out of the four sisters. Sagittarians -– those born between November 22 and December 21 -– are known as the travelers of the zodiac, and they are associated with the realm of philosophy. They are idealistic, friendly people who have a taste for adventure and often resist rules and regulations.

These characteristics certainly hold true for Lila, the bravest, most precocious of the Bouchard girls. We see this clearly in Season 1 when Sheryl gets the girls a VR game and Lila is the most excited to play it, consequences be damned. She's something of a daredevil and is much less cautious than her older sister, Lynn. These are admirable qualities in many cases, but in the demon-infested Bouchard house, Lila might need to learn to proceed with a bit more caution.

Capricorn: Lynn Bouchard

Lynn is the eldest Bouchard sister and, as such, has huge big sister energy. She is responsible, wants to be in charge, and is the most serious out of the four sisters. The sign that most aligns with eldest-sister syndrome is definitely the sign of Capricorn, which is a sign that fits Lynn quite well. Capricorns –- those born between December 22 and January 19 –- are stoic, disciplined individuals who are very serious about their responsibilities. They often find themselves in leadership positions and are often individuals who have acted like grown-ups since they were kids.

Though Lynn is an actual child in "Evil," these characteristics still apply. She takes her responsibility as eldest sister very seriously, often cautioning her younger sisters against doing things they might get in trouble for. However, at the same time, she wishes Kristen would let her do things on her own, without her sisters. It's this dichotomy that often characterizes the oldest sibling struggle. While there is an expectation of responsibility for younger siblings, there is also a desire to shirk that responsibility and be treated like an adult. For a young Capricorn like Lynn, the struggle is real.

Aquarius: Ben Shakir

Ben Shakir is the resident skeptic of the team. Well, perhaps that's not entirely true, since Kristen is also something of a skeptic, but Ben's not in love with a hot priest-in-training like Kristen is, so makes him slightly more objective. While Kristen assumes everything has a psychological explanation, Ben thinks the answers can be found in scientific or technological explanations. He's very intelligent and able to think outside the box to find solutions.

Ben thinks of himself as something of an outcast, which is why he's an Aquarius. Aquarians -– those born between January 20 and February 18 -– are known as the humanitarians of the zodiac, and they are interested in analyzing society as a whole. They are the type of people who are most prone to believing in conspiracy theories, and they tend to prioritize personal freedom above most other things. They are independent thinkers who often come off as eccentric.

Ben certainly checks all of these boxes. He seems to think of himself as a loner and shuts himself off from other people, content with focusing on his work and nothing else. When he goes through a traumatic experience in Season 2, he refuses to talk to anyone about it and instead continues to obsessively find out how to defeat the demonic figure who has been haunting his dreams. While he's an essential member of the team, he could stand to work on his people skills a little.

Pisces: David Acosta

David Acosta is the resident priest-in-training on "Evil," and he's the true believer of the trio. He has an incredibly calm demeanor, is very patient, and is an excellent listener. He gets these intense visions, supposedly sent from God Himself, that, though he often has trouble deciphering, clearly point him in specific directions.

David is a Pisces, the last sign of the astrological cycle. Pisces -– those born between February 19 and March 20 –- are the most intuitive of all the signs and often have a rather mystical sense about them. They are very imaginative and frequently find themselves divided between fantasy and reality. Known as the dreamers, Pisceans are gentle, wise, and selfless.

These characteristics fit David, who clearly has some clairvoyant tendencies, to a tee. He is an extremely patient and understanding person who never pushes his beliefs on anyone or judges others for their actions. Perhaps owing to his incredibly open nature, he is willing to accept people and how they see the world at face value, rather than judging or dissecting their actions like Kristen or Ben might. David does his best to be kind, noble, and worthy of the title of priest, but he sometimes struggles with self-doubt, a dilemma that tends to especially afflict Pisces. Honestly, though, we'd love to have David as our priest, even if it is just to hear his silky-smooth voice through the partition.