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Small Details You Missed In The Full-Length Halo Trailer

Paramount+ finally released the official trailer for "Halo," the live-action adaptation of the acclaimed Xbox first-person shooter game. News of the "Halo" show first emerged in 2013 and, for years, was stuck in the depths of development limbo. At one point, Steven Spielberg was attached as a producer, and the project was given a 2015 release date. The project languished at Showtime before making the jump to nascent streamer Paramount+ in early 2021 (via Deadline), reinvigorating the massive "Halo" fanbase and leaving them hopeful about finally — finally — seeing their favorite video game come to life on their TV screens.

The "Halo" trailer proves that the show that one felt permanently stuck in production quicksand, ready to shred any doubts about the quality of its production. Viewers are brought straight into a new version of the "Halo" world we've come to know from the video games, introducing us to a bevy of familiar characters, weaponry, and aliens while also teasing the fact that this version of "Halo" is set in a new timeline (via Twitter). There is so much to absorb over the course of two minutes, with the trailer introducing prospective viewers to the show's central plot, which focuses on a war between humans and The Covenant, the latter of whom worship an ancient civilization called the Forerunners and who seek prized weapons known as Halos.

The Paramount+ series boasts an all-star cast led by Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief and Natascha McElhone as Dr. Halsey. Both characters are featured in between shots of heated battles, Master Chief's discovery of a Halo deep behind Covenant lines, the introduction of a deadly enemy, and much more. Some small details from the trailer could prove important as "Halo" Season 1 unfolds, so let's discuss them.

Famous Halo weapons appear

"Halo" fans across the world were probably excited to get a sneak peek at some of the weapons that would appear in the upcoming series. One of the first to debut in the trailer is the beloved Energy Sword. The plasma weapon is a favorite of close-combat players and takes out an adversary in one blow. More often than not, some "Halo" players will find a great hiding spot and take out an opposing player with one swift stroke of the Energy Sword. We would have been shocked if the "Halo" series didn't feature the glowing weapon, and as it makes several appearances in the trailer, we're sure it'll be used heavily throughout the series.

Also, in the lengthy trailer, we see some of the more commonly used weapons like the Plasma Pistol, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and the Turret. There are three different types of Turrets in the "Halo" games, but in the trailer, we see a detachable one from a stand that Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) snatches. We're sure to see some more weapons when the series debuts, but it's good to know the folks at Paramount+ are sticking with the classics.

The Warthog has arrived

Face it, if there's only one thing you remember from the original "Halo: Combat Evolved" — whether you only played it once or spent hours blowing up your friends in Blood Gulch — it's the M12 Force Application Vehicle. Of course, that's not the name you ever refer to it by. More commonly known as the Warthog (per Halopedia), these massive, open-air, all-wheel-drive vehicles were everything you ever hoped your Jeep could be, capable of zooming across any landscape with the perfect rumble and the greatest of ease. Frankly, there's no understating just how important the Warthog was when it came to the original game's development and success. In the words of game designer Jaime Grieseme (per Games Radar), "[I]t was just so cool to watch a squad of jeeps driving across the terrain [that] we wanted to drive them ourselves [...] In some ways, 'Halo' is the story of the Warthog and the universe we built to drive it around in."

Bringing the world of "Halo" to live-action was always going to also require bringing the Warthog to life, but it's hard to imagine that there's a single fan out there who didn't feel an excited tingle go down their spine when this iconic video game vehicle finally drove across the screen. While the Warthog was previously confirmed by set photos (via Twitter), the vehicle's presence in the trailer is yet another sign that not only has the "Halo" franchise finally completed its long drive to the live-action world but that it has done so in a way gamers should be excited about. However, exactly how big a role these vehicles will factor into the plot remains to be seen.

Makee has a memorable introduction

As we near the end of the trailer, audiences get a glimpse of Makee, a new addition to the "Halo" world. Played by "Peaky Blinders" alum Charlie Murphy, Makee is an imposing figure. At one point, she says, "Humans, surrender to The Covenant," making it clear to audiences that she may also be a human, but she is no ally. This is further confirmed as we watch Makee stroll through a spaceship with a tentacle-like creature racing alongside her before attacking as she watches the carnage unfold.

Makee will be working on behalf of The Covenant, the alien race Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) and the rest of his Spartan crew are fighting in "Halo" Season 1. What makes this particular "Halo" character so intriguing is that she's completely original to the show, with no analogues existing in any of the previously released "Halo" video games. News of Murphy's casting was announced by Variety in November 2019. The report revealed Makee is "an orphaned human who was raised by the alien Covenant and shares their contempt for humanity." What the contempt is rooted in will hopefully be revealed in Season 1 and help audiences understand what makes this Silver Timeline character tick.

The Anodyne Spirit teases a trip to High Charity

In the quickest of glimpses, you can see Makee (Charlie Murphy) standing in a dramatic black outfit with what appears to be the Anodyne Spirit behind her. Also known as the Forerunner Ship, this impressive geometric warship is a power source for High Charity, the holy city of the Covenant. Within the mobile planetoid station of High Charity lies a large capital city, with the Anodyne Spirit, a Forerunner keyship that looks something like an otherworldly Eiffel Tower, sitting at the center of it. So, it seems safe to say that we'll be traveling to the sacred Covenant station of High Charity at some point in the series. 

The blink-and-you-miss-it clip is generating quite a bit of controversy online. Many Twitter users are getting powerful villain vibes from the avant-garde look and taking issue with the possibility that a main antagonist from the Covenant could be a human and that she might have some level of power within the leadership on High Charity. As Makee is a new character, we don't know the extent of her authority (fierce though her outfit may be) and if she resides on High Charity or is just passing through.