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The Challenge Star With The Most Consecutive Season Wins

Debuting in 1998 as "Road Rules: All Stars," "The Challenge" can lay claim to being the longest-running reality competition series on television. Predating "Survivor" by two years, the show was rebranded as the "Real World/Road Rules Challenge" for its second season and allowed MTV to use the casts of its two popular namesake reality series to create a new show altogether. These days, though some of the current competitors did cut their teeth on either "Road Rules" or "The Real World," the producers of "The Challenge" will use pretty much anyone with a strong personality and previous reality series experience. That leads to some interesting mismatches, with competitors from dating shows like "Are You The One?" taking on people who've competed on "Survivor" or "American Ninja Warrior."

From its humble beginnings, "The Challenge" has grown into a legitimate proving ground for aspiring reality stars wishing to show off their physical and mental prowess. The show has also produced some legitimate stars, like "The Real World: San Diego" alumnus Jamie Chung, who appeared on the 10th season of crossover series, "The Inferno II," before her film and television career took off. WWE star and actor Mike "The Miz" Mizanin first hit the airwaves as part of the cast of "The Real World: Back to New York" before winning two of the five season of "The Challenge" in which he competed, later appearing on the WWE reality series "Tough Enough" and finding fame as a professional wrestler. And Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio has cracked into the mainstream consciousness as a perennial contestant on "The Challenge," winning the competition eight times and appearing on "Fear Factor" and "Worst Cooks in America" as well during that span.

Despite all those Ws, Bananas has not won the most back-to-back seasons of the series. Here's the star of "The Challenge" with the most consecutive season wins.

Darrell Taylor has won the most consecutive seasons of The Challenge

"The Challenge" veteran Darrell Taylor got his reality TV start as part of the cast of "Road Rules: Campus Crawl" in 2002 and he currently holds the record for most consecutive wins with four. He made his "Challenge" debut in the show's seventh season, "The Gauntlet," appearing as part of Team "Road Rules" alongside a future member of the cast of "Grimm," David Giuntoli. Team "Road Rules" took the win over the "Real World" team that featured Mike "The Miz" Mizanin. Taylor appeared in the very next season of "The Challenge," entitled "The Inferno," which took place in Acapulco, Mexico, and was the first season hosted by former X Games BMX star Dave Mirra. Once again a part of Team "Road Rules," Taylor was on the winning side, again defeating Mizanin and a Team "Real World" squad that saw the "Challenge" debut of "Real World Paris" contestant Chris "CT" Tamburello.

Taylor did not appear in the ninth season of "The Challenge," subtitled "Battle of the Sexes 2," but returned for the 10th installment, "The Inferno 2." Unlike the seasons in which he previously appeared, Season 10 did not divide the competitors into teams based on which series they'd been on. Instead, they were split into Good Guys and Bad Asses, based on whether they'd played a "hero" or "villain" role in previous appearances. Taylor and the remaining Good Guys, including Jamie Chung and Mizanin, came out on top, dealing Tamburello and Team Bad Ass the L.

Skipping "The Gauntlet 2," Taylor next appeared on Season 12 of "The Challenge," a.k.a. "Fresh Meat." Like the name implies, this was the first season in which the show expanded its format to feature competitors who'd not previously appeared on either "Road Rules" of "The Real World." Twelve veterans were each paired with a newcomer of the opposite sex, with Taylor and partner Aviv Melmed coming out on top.