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Are Jesse Lee Soffer And Patrick John Flueger From Chicago P.D. Friends In Real Life?

As squad mates on "Chicago P.D.," detectives Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) have each other's backs as they work to take down the worst criminal elements Chicago can throw at them. Week after week, they hit the mean streets of the Windy City to tackle everything from heavily armed gang bangers to serial killers and cold-blooded cartel drug runners.

The truth is, both actors have been core members of the show's elite intel unit since the series premiere episode "Stepping Stone" back in 2014. On-screen together for several seasons on the long-running police procedural, Soffer and Flueger have also stepped away from their 21st District H.Q. stomping grounds during crossover events to drop in on the storylines and characters of sister Chicago-verse shows "Chicago Med" and "Chicago Fire." But all that being said, with their history of sharing so many years of crime-fighting screen time together on "Chicago P.D." and other "One Chicago" series, are Jesse Lee Soffer and Patrick John Flueger still able to be friends in real life?

Soffer and Flueger appear to be pretty good buddies in real life

After spending almost their entire, recent professional lives together filming on the sets and various locations of "Chicago P.D.," Soffer and Flueger could be excused for wanting to get away from each other during down time away from the show. But if their social media feeds are anything to go by, the two actors appear to enjoy each other's company enough to hang out together on a regular basis in the non-"CPD" world.

For instance, one of Flueger's Instagram posts from 2019 finds the two of them riding a ski lift high above the slopes in Breckinridge, Colorado. Another of Flueger's Instagram shots catches Flueger, Soffer, and co-star LaRoyce Hawkins all breaking character on the set of the show back in 2016. Yet another of his Insta-posts sees Flueger, Soffer, and "Chicago P.D." co-star Torrey DeVitto on a visit to France where the trio is enjoying the regal panorama of the grounds at the Palace of Versailles.

And if there's any doubt remaining about whether Jesse Lee Soffer and Patrick John Flueger are friends in real life, that uncertainty should be dispelled by Soffer's hilarious Instagram shot of the two actors breaking character big time in the "Chicago P.D." interrogation room, accompanied by the hashtag #RuStead.