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The Prank That Nearly Got Johnny Knoxville Shot By Eric Andre

When "Jackass Forever" comes out later this year, it will mark the first proper entry in the franchise since "Jackass 3D" in 2010, after which the "Jackass" title was only ever amended to spinoffs and other peripherally related projects.

Audiences afraid that the growth in maturity that typically accompanies the passing of more than a decade might dull the series' signature edge need not worry. While "Jackass Forever" will feature some newer, younger cast members, "Jackass" co-creator Johnny Knoxville himself pulled off a stunt that was so dangerous, he effectively called off his career as a stunt performer while recovering from the resultant injuries. So, while undoubtedly grim news for Knoxville, the franchise seems intent on continuing to put its aging stars in harm's way.

Another seemingly key element in "Jackass Forever" is the inclusion of celebrity guests, including comic and chaotic talk show host Eric Andre. Despite his own experience as a prankster, Andre admitted in an interview that he was nervous virtually the entire time he was on set. That said, Knoxville himself revealed that, entirely unrelated to filming "Jackass Forever," he was almost shot by Andre during an unplanned visit to his fellow comic's home.

Johnny Knoxville's prank (almost) gone wrong

During promotion for "Jackass Forever," star Johnny Knoxville appeared on a January 26 episode of the Howard Stern Show. In a clip from the episode shared to the show's Twitter account, Knoxville revealed that following their work together on set, Eric Andre pulled a gun on him and purportedly almost shot him.

Stern set up the anecdote, describing how Knoxville paid an unplanned visit to Andre's house on Christmas Eve after learning that Andre had come down with a case of COVID-19. Once there, he began anonymously toilet papering Andre's home. Andre caught him in the middle of the act, and not realizing it was his friend and colleague, began verbally threatening him.

"He kept yelling out the door, 'I've called the cops! I've called the cops! I have a gun! I have a gun!' And I'm just doubled over, right, and then I go up to his door and I put my face against his glass door and he's screaming at me, and he walks up and he sees me. He's like, 'Ah you motherf***er,'" Knoxville said. "And he goes, 'The cops are coming right now!' And I'm like, 'Don't tell them that it's me! Just let them come arrest me, it'll be great!' And he goes, 'I could've shot you, you know?' I'm like, 'that would've been even better!'"

"Jackass" fans can tune into more of Knoxville and Andre's antics when "Jackass Forever" hits theaters on February 4.