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Classic Saved By The Bell Characters We Want To Cameo In Season 3

"Saved by the Bell" was a powerhouse sitcom back in its day, so it's no surprise that it has returned to vie for the attention of older viewers and a new audience. The current incarnation, a follow-up that continues the story of the school, now features some of the greatest students from the past -– returning in new roles -– and present, as economic classes and cultures collide. The fresh take on the old classic had a rough start, but the second season presented itself much more favorably. Part of that improvement can be attributed to the show embracing its past more and learning how to integrate the returning cast with the stories of the new kids, but also some nostalgia-filled references and cameos.

Assuming the show continues on its current path of being self-referential and slightly breaking the fourth wall while balancing how it picks on its past and more serious moments, viewers should expect to see more of the original "Saved by the Bell" sprinkled in. There is plenty of room to reach back into the large history of characters and storylines for more fodder, as the residents of Bayside weren't just confined to one show and many of the smaller characters across the series are often forgotten. Whether it is where the show started, with "Good Morning Miss Bliss," that brief stint in "The College Years," or even "The New Class," here are some of the people we would love to see pop up in some form.

Violet Anne Bickerstaff – Tori Spelling

Those who remember Violet recall the young nerdy blonde mostly because of the actress who played her, Tori Spelling. However, dedicated fans might recall that she is one of the few love interests that Screech kept for more than one episode, other than his long-term obsession with Lisa, of course. She played the geeky damsel in distress, and Samuel Powers rescues Violet from her previously abusive boyfriend, Maxwell Nerdstrom. It was nice to see the two have an ongoing relationship, with Screech awkwardly meeting her parents, the two in Glee Club together, and Violet supporting him in the big chess competition. The relationship was good for the show and seemed great for Screech's development until she abruptly disappeared when Spelling left to appear on "Beverly Hills 90210."

Considering that the actress and current show held that touching farewell to Screech, as remembered by the Independent, it might be nice to have someone from his past appear for a couple of episodes. It would be great to see if Violet is still her old nerdy self or grew out of that dorky persona we saw years ago. As Violet's family was rich, having her give a contribution to the old high school would be an easy way to give her a couple of quick scenes and add some star power. Maybe she could comment on how long she carried a flame for Samuel and explain why she vanished so abruptly while reconnecting with the old gang.

Ginger Baldwin – Bridgette Wilson-Sampras

In the most polite terms, Ginger was Bayside High's biggest bimbo. The young blonde girl was notable for her great look and ditzy charms, often chiming in to be the setup for a joke or add a small bit to the scene, but her background antics got her noticed by many dedicated fans. She was also seen as a waitress at The Max, where she admitted to often messing up everyone's orders and had a few brief dates with Zack, although they never seemed serious. It's a shame, because she seemed sweet, just not like she'd be much of a conversationalist. The most prominent thing to come out of those interactions was Ginger asking if there was lipstick on her teeth at the dance.

Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, who would go on to play Sonya Blade in 1995's "Mortal Kombat" and marry tennis pro Pete Sampras, made the most of the time she had on screen. She would be a welcomed return, but hard to imagine what the loveable fool has been up to all these years. Having her be a parent to one of the students or possibly even hit hard times and working at the local restaurant hangout again are potential ideas for B-plots. As long as Ginger still has that same charisma, she should make any scene more fun and enjoyable.

Leon Carosi – Ernie Sabella

He was the boss back when the gang all decided to get summer jobs at the Malibu Sands Beach Resort, all except for Lisa, of course, who maintained her posh status as a guest of the club. Mr. Carosi was a strict manager who suffered no buffoonery, was disliked by much of the staff, and was a bit of a cheapskate who was always looking to charge a few dollars extra wherever he could. For him, tending to the guests usually meant sucking up to customers while yelling at the staff. In the end, this big bully starts showing some tenderness and becomes more protective of his new crew, even giving Zack back all the tip money he stiffed him on throughout the season.

Carosi was a stereotypical antagonist played excellently by Ernie Sabella, who would go on to breathe life into Pumbaa for Disney's "The Lion King." His return could either be to congratulate Zack on the path he chose in life and catch up on old times or to challenge Morris for power somehow. With the fear of an old authority figure looming, Zack could be thrown off his game, especially if Carosi decides to bring up how his former employee used to date his daughter. In fact, the former fling and her father both making an appearance and causing some conflict could be quite the treat.

J.B. Slater – Rana Haugen

Since we all know that Albert Clifford chooses to go by A.C. Slater, it's no surprise when his younger sister J.B. ends up doing the same thing. However, the twist is that Zack quickly develops a crush on her, which makes his friend, the protective brother, incredibly angry and a bit worried. In true fashion for the show, he opts not to talk to either of the two individuals involved but instead meddle in their blossoming relationship, leading to some classic antics. Ever wanted to see Zack imagine Slater's face on J.B.'s body for pure nightmare fuel? This episode, appropriately titled "Slater's Sister," has us covered. It is the only one that J.B. appeared in, but she still left an impression on many viewers.

The current show even makes a reference to J.B. when Coach Slater admits he doesn't know what happened to his sister, touching that fourth wall slightly. Since A.C.'s life was in such disarray during the first two seasons and is starting to get back on track with recent developments, maybe it's time for a long-lost family member to pop up and add another wrinkle into the mix. J.B. could also reconnect with Zack and act as a potential threat to Kelly if the writers want to go for the easy conflict. Either way, maybe we can finally learn what J.B. really stands for.

Rodney "Rod" Belding – Edward Blatchford

What if Mr. Belding was cool? That was the premise behind the episode "The Fabulous Belding Boys," where the kids of Bayside High meet a new substitute teacher, Rod Belding, who also happens to be Richard's brother. Rod, played by Edward Blatchford, is what their principal would be like if he were more athletic, laid back, and had a full head of long flowing hair. The kids think Rod is rad, especially after he tells them all to rip up their mid-terms and finds excuses for the group to cut classes. It creates a nice conflict between the two siblings, with Zack and the gang taking Rod's side until he falls back into his old ways, promising his students the trip of their lives before bailing to spend a weekend with a stewardess named Inga.

This moment of abandonment pays off in a great scene where Mr. Belding tells Rod to take a hike and offers to take the kids white water rafting in his brother's place. After witnessing these events, Zack even gains some respect for his principal. Seeing this opposite side of the coin shows how much Mr. Belding really cares for his students, and this one-off appearance could be continued in the new show with Rod coming back as a substitute for the new class of kids. Will he disappoint them too, or has Belding's brother changed over the years? And how did it go with Inga?

Mylo Williams – T.K. Carter

Before the Bayside years, Zack, Lisa, and Screech all attended school at John F. Kennedy Junior High in a little show called "Good Morning, Miss Bliss," which many consider to be the first season of "Saved by the Bell." There were several other characters rounding out the students and faculty here, with a standout being Mylo, the school's maintenance supervisor. The snazzy-dressed character acted as comic relief, often seen with a smile on his face, and was usually there to deliver bad news or quick-witted comebacks. While he was sparingly used, seeing Mylo was a delight. He could be quite nosy, though, and well-informed about everything going on in the school that wasn't kept private, commenting that "the pipes have ears" in the second episode.

The character is a bit off at times and very protective over the school and knowledgeable when it comes to the rules. However, he still likes to have fun when possible, breaking a few of those bylaws on occasion to make sure the students are satisfied. Some of Mylo's funniest moments are when he's harassing Mr. Belding, but the actor, T.K. Carter, can work off of anyone, as shown by the numerous other sitcoms and cartoons he's worked on. With a couple of characters vying for the position of superintendent in the current show, it makes sense for them to run into someone else who might be higher ranking in the educational system, potentially setting up a few deep-cut callbacks.

Eric Tramer – Joshua Hoffman

In a two-part episode titled "The Wicked Stepbrother," Jessie's dreams of having a sibling turn into a nightmare when he turns out to be a bad seed. This hotshot from New York, Eric, is blunt, offensive, and a troublemaker, something along the lines of a less suave Zack. The conflict comes from him noticing Morris' cons at Bayside and taking advantage of them, wanting to be king himself. With a little luck and Screech's inability to keep quiet, Eric stays one step ahead of his new rival. It's a good story for the show with a memorable antagonist, but it makes no sense that the gang tries so hard to get him to stay at the end -– after Jessie motivates him to reconcile –- only for him to never show up again.

Not having more of him was a shame, but it probably would have thrown off the show's dynamic. Now, however, we can either have Jessie give us an update on her unruly stepbrother or, if actor Joshua Hoffman does decide to show up in person, rekindle his relationship with Lisa. Miss Turtle hasn't seen many storylines dealing with her dating life and if they plan on having Lark Voorhies cameo regularly, this might be a fun detour for fans of the fashionista. Also, with Jessie recently divorced and headed going back to the arms of a familiar lover, there is no one better than a family member to help her question those choices.

Mike Rogers – Bob Golic

Zack, Slater, Screech, and Kelly all spent a year in college for the spinoff show, "Saved by the Bell: The College Years." Since it wouldn't make much sense for Mr. Belding to follow them –- and he had a fresh group of students to worry about -– a new authority figure was introduced in the form of resident adviser Mike Rogers. This is a man who is there to enforce the rules, doesn't appreciate extravagant shenanigans or loud parties, and is also built like a house, making it easy for him to enforce these things when needed. The former pro football player seems like he'd be a more standard antagonist at first, but viewers learn a lot about him, his goals, and his personality, creating a fleshed-out cast member.

Mike grows on the kids, dishing out pearls of wisdom and life experience, but maintains his role in the dorm. He finds different ways of connecting with the roommates and ends up feeling like a strong part of the group, even showing up later in the "Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas" movie. The actor, Bob Golic, seemed like he enjoyed the role. Golic brought intensity and levity to his scenes, but the show ended up getting canceled after the first season. Having Mike come back and tell what he's been up to since would be great, as he may have more to teach his old charges.

Tori Scott – Leanne Creel

"Saved by the Bell" was going strong heading into its last season, so it's no surprise that more episodes were ordered, but Tiffani Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkley couldn't settle on new contract terms to return. That led to the arrival of Tori Scott, played by Leanne Creel, a rougher, leather jacket-wearing girl on a motorcycle who was nothing like the missing pair. She fit in with the group, often calling out their silliness and giving Zack a run for his money with a small romance angle. Replacing two beloved characters wasn't easy, though, especially when there's no explanation for where they went. However, there are still a handful of episodes that allow Tori to get into the mix and make some memories, even if she misses the graduation.

Creel spoke with Today about her brief stint at Bayside, seemingly fond of the experience. She even discussed how some fans got her confused with Jessie, but others responded positively to seeing her in the show. Why not give her another chance years later? Whether Zack and Slater might want to reconnect with an old friend or Bayside needs a new auto mechanics teacher, there are plenty of ways to bring Tori back. Based on experience and changes in her life, it may benefit the show to allow Creel a little creative control over her character. Tori could come in with a smile or still have a chip on her shoulder, but either way should be entertaining.

Miss Carrie Bliss – Hayley Mills

Before most of these characters became "Saved by the Bell," they were all under the incredible tutelage of Carrie Bliss, the best eighth-grade teacher in Indianapolis. She was such an important character that the original title of the show had her name in it. Lasting only 13 episodes (and an original pilot with a vastly different cast), "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" does an excellent job of establishing why the main character is such an amazing person. Bliss must deal with problematic students and their mischievous ways while also handling the administration and other teachers. In many cases, she helps both sides learn from each other and treats them equally. This may be one of the franchise's kindest, most thoughtful, and logical characters, who still has plenty of her own growing left to do as well.

Carrie Bliss is charming, motherly, and seeing what has become of her former students in Zack and Lisa –- as well as the sad note of learning what happened to Screech –- could be a magical moment for the fans if Hayley Mills returns. She might not seem like a great fit for the current show at first, as the two programs are quite different, but a little clever writing and some humor about her growing older might let her teach a few lessons to the new kids. This appearance could also make for one of the best long-awaited cameos in sitcom history.

Mr. Richard Belding – Dennis Haskins

Mr. Belding is more "Saved by the Bell" than any other character in the franchise, including Zack. He may have missed "The College Years," but this principal also appeared in 143 episodes of "The New Class" with a second roster of unruly kids, and still had to put up with Screech for most of that time. Mr. Belding bleeds Bayside, not only in the pride he has for the school, but how much he cares for its students as well. Many episodes show his attempts to bond, as well as the genuine concerns he has for their well-being and relationships with each other. Not only did he attend the school as a student himself, often bragging about the type of student he was and that time he DJ'd for the school radio station, but his wife, Becky, also gave birth to their son (Zack) in the facility's elevator during an earthquake.

It's a shame that the current show seems to have written Belding off because nothing would please fans more than to see Haskins put a few more episodes under his belt and to hear that high-pitched laugh through the halls again. Seeing an elder Belding dealing with a grown former Governor Morris and the gang, watching how they are still struggling and growing as people, would be excellent. This could also be used to introduce his son to the characters and see how much he took after his namesake.