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Who Plays Griffin Darden From Chicago Fire?

Any long-running show tends to have its fair share of departing and returning characters, and since it's part of NBC's "One Chicago" franchise, this goes double for "Chicago Fire." Apart from its own roster of characters, the show asks viewers to keep track of the various "Chicago P.D." and "Chicago Med" figures who peridically drop by. On occasion, the show also chooses to revisit characters that you haven't seen in a really, really, really long time.

For instance, firefighter Andy Darden's (Corey Sorenson) son, Griffin Darden, has been long absent from the show. However, the second episode of the show's Season 10 ended in a massive cliffhanger in which Griffin, now all grown up, returned unexpectedly to visit a surprised, yet delighted Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer).

Griffin Darden was portrayed by Griffin Kane in Season 1, and John Babbo took over the role in Season 2. However, a whole new actor plays the grown-up version of the character. Here's who plays the adult Griffin Darden in "Chicago Fire."

Cameron Scott Roberts is a relative newcomer who played Caleb Haas in Don't Look Deeper

If "Chicago Fire" was going for a fresh face to portray adult Griffin Darden, the show certainly chose well. Cameron Scott Roberts is a true newcomer in the industry, to the point that his first screen credits date no further than 2020. His role as Griffin is his fourth acting credit, and two of the other three are one-episode bit parts in "The Last Shift" and "The Walking Dead," in which he portrays a trooper in the 2021 episode "Splinter." 

Before "Chicago Fire," Griffin's most prominent role was in the Quibi exlusive sci-fi drama "Don't Look Deeper," in which he plays Caleb Haas. The show, which featured names like Don Cheadle and "What We Do in the Shadows" breakout Harvey Guillén, obviously didn't continue after Quibi shut down, but "Chicago Fire" will no doubt be a vastly safer bet. With his career only in the beginning and upcoming projects on the horizon, it seems likely that you'll hear a lot more about Roberts in the future. Who knows? Perhaps one day, you'll remember learning about him back when you only knew him as Griffin Darden.