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The Final Uncharted Trailer Inspires Fan Chatter And Spider-Man Jokes

The past few months have been quite the adventure for "Uncharted" fans as the popular game franchise's first film adaptation prepares to come into port. After a long series of rewrites, production delays, and casting changes, many fans are no doubt equal parts tentative and thrilled. Nevertheless, whenever a new trailer for the film drops, it attracts interested gamers and moviegoers like moths to flame. This most recent trailer is no exception.

This latest look at the "Uncharted" film comes exclusively from Movieclips Trailers on YouTube, and despite it being our final tease of the film before the real deal releases on February 18, it does cover plenty of ground that fans have seen in prior trailers. Even so, there are good portions of footage that delve into, ahem, uncharted territory for the movie, which stars Tom Holland and Mark Whalberg as its wise-cracking heroes, Nathan Drake and Victor "Sully" Sullivan. As is to be expected, the final "Uncharted" trailer has inspired lots of conversation among fans of the franchise, along with some "Spider-Man" jokes, for good measure.

Uncharted fans have a lot to say about the film's latest trailer

Fan reactions to the latest "Uncharted" trailer skew a bit more negative than you might expect for such a popular franchise. Despite the well-done action, effects, and cinematography, many "Uncharted" fans simply can't get over the casting. 

"Just a reminder that we live in a cursed timeline, where Drake is NOT played by Nathan Fillion," wrote commenter Vladimir S. Similarly, OnwardsToMail said, "I still have no idea why they thought Mark Wahlberg was a good casting choice for Sully."

Despite some potent skepticism about the casting (isn't that always the case with video game adaptations?), there were plenty of fans sounding off in the comments who were ready to give the adaptation a fair shake. 

"I'm more excited to watch a Tom Holland action movie than to watch a live action Uncharted film if that makes sense," wrote Bliss Vii. "Like this looks good but not 'Uncharted' good." Meanwhile, Brimbram took a more generous approach, writing, "Looks like it'd be a fun movie to watch, i'll give it a shot before criticizing it."

There were also a few jokers in the mix. "I think he would be perfect for playing Spider-Man," wrote Shiqdi, a user with a sarcastic edge. Though the film's casting choices may not please the die-hard fans, who are used to seeing an older Drake paired with an even older and more mustachioed Sully, it's clear that many fans are still willing to appreciate it as a fun action movie. It may not stand as the most faithful game adaptation in the world, but among the open-minded, it still has value separate from the games that spawned it.