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The Demon Slayer Reunion You Missed In Kakegurui

With the steady flow of fantastic anime series lately, fans have experienced a boom of varied and captivating shows. For fans looking for a series that offers something new within the sh┼Źnen genre, you could probably do no better than "Demon Slayer." It has the familiar action and charming characters we're used to seeing among its peers, such as "One Piece" or "Naruto," but its emotional heights and dazzling animation put it in a record-breaking league of its own. For a series that offers something completely new in concept, there's the eccentric "Kakegurui," the intense Netflix gambling anime which trades in swordplay and demons for a psychological thriller involving the best young gamblers and cheaters.

While "Demon Slayer" differs significantly from "Kakegurui," the two series do share a few similarities. Both shows display gorgeous animation but also present some downright brutal scenes, and both shows aren't afraid to place a group of memorable young people in dark or disturbing situations. But fans of both series who have a keen sense of hearing may have noticed a particular reunion of sorts, thanks to some familiar vocal talent. That's right. Some notable behind-the-scenes work has caused a link between "Demon Slayer" and "Kakegurui."

Demon Slayer and Kakegurui are connected thanks to two voice actors

"Kakegurui" features The Hundred Devouring Families, a collection of wealthy branch families with a lot of power well beyond the halls of their elite academy. Two members include ace swindler Rin Obami and Hundred Devouring Family head Kirari Momobami. The two characters are voiced by Akira Ishida and Miyuki Sawashiro, respectively. According to Behind The Voice Actors, both Ishida and Sawashiro have a plethora of popular voice acting roles to their names, but it's their latest work in "Demon Slayer" that has reunited the two, this time as Upper-Rank Demons. In "Demon Slayer," Ishida voices Akaza and Sawashiro voices Daki.

Ishida and Sawashiro's reunion in "Demon Slayer" is a fun link to "Kakegurui," but it's also ironic when we delve deeper into the roles. The concept of "devouring" plays as a symbolic idea within "Kakegurui," as the term within the series means to ultimately win against someone in a gambling effort to the point of them losing everything (via Kakegurui Fandom). In "Demon Slayer," devouring takes a literal meaning, as demons such as Daki and Akaza gain power by consuming humans. While Akaza and Rin differ vastly as characters, Kikari and Daki share some notable traits. After all, both characters could be seen as powerful narcissistic psychopaths who have few qualms about degrading their opponents. With these neat links, we must wonder if a "Demon Slayer" and "Kakegurui" crossover could ever be in the cards?