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Criminal Minds Fans Agree That This Character Is The Best Profiler

Specialty crime procedurals tend to stick to an ensemble of characters that contribute to solving a crime using their sets of expertise. The CBS drama "Criminal Minds," while following the same pattern, departs from the convention with one slight detail: All team members are given the job of profiling suspects.

The show revolves around the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, which studies the minds of sociopathic criminals like serial killers, child abusers, etc. Each team member has their own field of expertise, but each crime does not necessarily lend itself to a single field. Typically, every profiler uses their own knowledge and individual talents to figure out different aspects of a suspect's profile. However, they also figure out several details through collective brainstorming and logical deduction. All this makes determining the best profiler all the more difficult.

Add to it a revolving door of profilers who have worked with the BAU, and it's a daunting task. From BAU legends like Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) to communications liaison turned profiler JJ (A.J. Cook) and the linguistics expert Dr. Alex Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn), there are several choices. But fans of the show were able to pick a winner.

Aaron Hotchner is the best profiler according to fans

In a Reddit thread called "Who in your opinion is the best 'Profiler'?," many went with the team's leader, Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson). Despite Hotchner's biting sense of humor, million-dollar smile, and compassionate relationship with all the members of his team, he has a resting poker face and a controlling power over his colleagues.

His profile of a defense attorney while testifying against a suspected serial killer in Season 3 episode "Tabula Rasa" serves as a shining moment of his talent. "Hotch – court scene sold it to me. Another great example is when he had to confront Strauss about her drinking. Also as much as the other members are skilled, I feel like Aaron has the best balance between professionalism and compassion. Gideon was amazing and I was about to name him – but he does feel strongly," u/cupofteaf said on the Reddit thread.

Both Gideon and Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), the genius with an eidetic memory, were in close competition, but several Redditors sided with Hotchner because of his balanced character. Redditor u/gmeb3 noted, "I think Hotch is the most complete profiler and would be the most successful if he had to work alone."

While the fans all had varying perspectives when it came to picking their favorite, many agreed that, when it came to rescuing them from an unsub, Hotchner would be their best bet at being found.