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Here's Where To Watch Every Episode Of Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine

It's no wonder that Discovery's insanely popular series "Gold Rush" has broken off into its own series of spinoff shows over the years. Each of these shows follow different gold miners across the globe, and it's incredibly impressive to consider just how many of these spinoffs there actually are. There's "Gold Rush: The Jungle," "Gold Rush: White Water," and even a "Bar Rescue" type of show called "Freddy Dodge's Mine Rescue," which follows the titular Freddy Dodge as he travels the world trying to help out struggling gold miners.

One of the more unique spinoffs of the series is "Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine," which follows former Hoffman crew member and "Gold Rush" star Dave Turin as he attempts to resurrect failed or discontinued mining operations throughout the United States. The show is as much about the history of American gold mining as it is about finding new gold in those forgotten mines — and it provides a fresh new perspective on mining that one won't find in the original "Gold Rush" series.

Fortunately, fans have the opportunity to watch "Dave Turin's Lost Mine" whenever they'd like, as the whole series is currently streaming online.

Fans have a few ways to watch the series online

Fans can watch every episode of "Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine" by subscribing to Discovery+ — Discovery's streaming service. Subscription plans range from $4.99 per month (which includes ads) to $6.99 per month with no ads whatsoever. The service is also currently offering a seven day free trial, and their extensive catalogue boasts shows from a variety of reality TV networks, including Animal Planet, the Food Network, and even the Travel Channel. For those who already get the Discovery Channel on their television, the website also has an option to link your TV provider — which will allow viewers to access locked content and live shows (including "Dave Turin's Lost Mine").

In addition to those options, the entire first season of "Dave Turin's Lost Mine" is also available on the Discovery website free of charge (though it's worth mentioning this option includes regular ad intervals as well). The second and third seasons are locked, and exclusively available to Discovery+ subscribers and people who link their television providers — but considering the plethora of different ways one can watch this series, it seems like "Gold Rush" fans will easily be able to at least give it a chance.