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Why CSI Fans Might Stop Watching The Reboot

One of the most popular franchises on television, "CSI" has spawned several different variations of police procedural, all under the "CSI" moniker. The first show, titled "CSI" or "CSI: Las Vegas" started to air way back in October 2000, and it ran for an impressive 15 seasons. The show was so well received, "CSI: Miami," "CSI: NY," and "CSI: Cyber" were all direct spin-offs, and in October 2021, a limited reboot/revival was started with some of the original cast.

Starring Jorja Fox and William Petersen from the first "CSI," and joined by newcomers Paula Newsome, Mel Rodriguez, Mandeep Dhillon, and Matt Lauria, the new "CSI" is called "CSI: Vegas" and it is a direct sequel to the series that started it all. This new series has all of the fixings that fans have come to expect, with generally self-contained investigations in each episode and an over-arcing plot spun throughout the season. In the 10 episodes that made up Season 1 of "CSI: Vegas," the crew has to deal with a murdered couple on their wedding day, a video game tournament gone wrong, vast conspiracies that threaten the team itself, and even sideshows, to just name a few events. Recently, fans took to Reddit to discuss some of their thoughts on this new "CSI," and it seems that some may stop watching altogether.

Fans are mostly just interested in Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle

The conversation was kicked off by Reddit user eescorpius who felt that most of the new characters outside of the original Jorja Fox and William Petersen (above) aren't charismatic enough to carry the show. They added, "If Sara and Grissom won't be in Season 2 anymore, I probably won't want to watch." This statement caused several others to agree, with Reddit user ThisOldMeme adding that the new additions to the show hasn't caught their interest, and that they found themselves suffering through scenes just to get more Sara (Fox) and Grissom (Petersen). They went on to say that they doubt they will watch the show without these anchor characters. Reddit user dumpcake999 agreed, and lamented that they missed the original crew from "CSI."

However, not all were upset with the current direction of the series, with Reddit user JayMonster65 enjoying the new show, but they thought that there may be too few characters. That caused a few interactions to feel a little forced, like the glances shared between Folsom (Lauria) and Allie (Dhillon), which they thought would have played out better if the series had taken its time. They concluded by saying, "It is also going to be a different show, and you can't measure it up against the original. It is apples and oranges. I look forward to see what they do with season 2." Ultimately, it seems that most fans started to watch this new "CSI" to see some original members, and are somewhat apprehensive about following the show should their presence be missed in a speculative Season 2.