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The Staggering Amount Of Time Netflix Viewers Spent Watching Brazen's Debut

It looks like Netflix has yet another hit on its hands. In mid-January, the popular streaming service premiered "Brazen," a new film starring Alyssa Milano and Sam Page. Based on Nora Roberts' 1988 novel, "Brazen Virtue," the Netflix film follows a mystery writer named Grace (Milano) who finds herself at the center of a criminal conspiracy after her sister is killed and her secret life as a webcam performer is revealed to the public. 

Intent on solving the mystery herself, Grace begins looking into the events that have totally upended her life. The film was directed by "The Knight Before Christmas" filmmaker Monika Mitchell (via IMDb), and in addition to Milano and Page, its cast includes Malachi Weir, Emilie Ullerup, Matthew Finlan, Alison Araya, and Colleen Wheeler.

The film made its debut on January 13 to largely negative reviews from both critics and casual viewers alike. On Rotten Tomatoes, it currently holds an unimpressive 18% Tomatometer score as well as an even lower 14% audience score. However, the film's lackluster critical response doesn't seem to have affected its performance on Netflix. In fact, "Brazen" appears to be doing quite well on the streaming service.

Netflix viewers spent over 45 million hours watching Brazen

According to Netflix's global Top 10 rankings, the platform's subscribers spent 45,340,000 hours watching "Brazen" throughout the week of January 10 — 16. Considering that the Alyssa Milano-led film didn't premiere until January 13, that means "Brazen" raked in those numbers in just its first four days on the streaming service. Its initial viewership hours also earned "Brazen" the No. 1 spot among Netflix's English-language films for the week, while "Don't Look Up" placed second in the rankings, with viewers spending over 28 million hours watching the Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence-led apocalyptic comedy. 

Those numbers marked a major drop for "Don't Look Up," which logged over 58 million viewing hours on the platform the week before (via Netflix). In its second week on the streaming service, Netflix subscribers also spent over 28 million hours watching "Brazen," making it the platform's No. 2 English-language film for the week of January 17 — 23.

In other words, it looks like "Brazen" has officially become a Netflix original hit despite being received overwhelmingly poorly. While it failed to hold onto its No. 1 spot in its second week, there's now no denying the fact that "Brazen" made quite the impact when it debuted on Netflix.