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Ozark Showrunner Teases A Dramatic Series Finale With Season 4 Part 2

Netflix's "Ozark" is currently halfway through its fourth and final season, and as a result, speculation about how the Midwest crime drama might end has reached a fever pitch. Several questions remain surrounding each of the show's characters and storylines, most of which have lingered since Season 1. Will Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) be able to make it out of everything unscathed? What's going to happen to Ruth (Julia Garner)? Will the Byrde family crumble or stick together under the pressure of working for a major crime syndicate? These are all things that fans have been wondering and asking about "Ozark" recently as the hit series continues to wind down. 

Luckily for them, showrunner Chris Mundy has decided to offer a few tidbits of information regarding the upcoming ending. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Mundy stated, "I always want closure," and went on to explain, "I don't want to feel messed with. I want to feel like, 'OK, that was the end.'" According to Mundy, there are several things to look forward to when Season 4, Part 2 of "Ozark" debuts later this year. Just don't expect too happy of an ending. 

The Ozark ending will test the Byrdes — and Ruth, too

According to "Ozark" writer-producer Chris Mundy, fans of the gritty Netflix crime drama will be served up a family dilemma during the show's final episodes that will shake the characters and entire series to its core. "In terms of tone, we're going deeper into the family and their bonds," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "Is family the ultimate bond? Is friendship? Is marriage? At what point is it almost unhealthy to stay, even if you love somebody?" Mundy then went on to reveal, "We're going to delve into that with Marty and Wendy. Hopefully, the back half will still be fun and exciting, but also really emotional for the Byrdes and Ruth." 

In terms of closure, the showrunner admits that not everyone is going to be satisfied with the ending he and the creative team chose for "Ozark." But they'll at least get one that's not open-ended. "Hopefully people will feel closure by the end — whether they like it or not," he told THR.