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The Most Surprising Thing About Frank Fritz According To Danielle Colby

For many years on History, the three main figures on "American Pickers," namely Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and Danielle Colby, seemed inseparable. The three of them would always work together to find some great collectibles out in this vast country. From antique motorcycles to vintage toys, the guys had their eyes out for anything and everything of value, but sadly, that's no longer the case.

As fans of the reality series know all too well, Frank Fritz was fired from the program in 2021, and his presence was missing from the previous season. Fans had such a connection to Fritz that many of them have sworn to boycott future episodes until the picker comes back. However, that shouldn't prevent anyone from missing the good times of years past, and it's clear looking back at old episodes and interviews that those three really did share a powerful bond. As evidence, all you have to do is look at this interview with Danielle Colby from Monsters & Critics, where she's more than complimentary toward her co-stars and even reveals something surprising about Frank Fritz.

Danielle Colby reveals how much Frank Fritz loved his mother

Frank Fritz may have a tough exterior. You need it in this line of work to look like you know what you're talking about and show people not to give you a bad deal. However, Danielle Colby revealed that he wasn't made out of stone. When asked by Monsters & Critics if there was anything about Fritz his fans would find surprising, she answered, "He loved his momma like Elvis did. She was his everything to him."

While the interview took place in 2017, Fritz's mother, Susan Zirbes, sadly passed away in 2013. Her obituary drew special attention to the connection Zirbes had with her son, going on to read, "Spoiling her Yorkshire Terriers, Max and Maggie, was one of her biggest treats. She loved traveling with her husband and son. Susan's greatest sunshine is her son, Frank, and his accomplishments."

Frank Fritz may no longer appear on "American Pickers," but it's clear he's trying to live a better life. As reported by The Sun, he lost a significant amount of weight to help him as he lives with Crohn's disease, and at the time of that writing, he had been sober for many months. No doubt Fritz's mother would be incredibly proud of all he's accomplished these last few years.