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American Pickers Fans Swear To Boycott The New Season Over Frank Fritz's Departure

This latest season of History Channel's hit reality show "American Pickers" is going to look very different. Frank Fritz, the co-star on the show, has been a fan favorite for the past 22 seasons. Therefore, fans were shocked to learn that due to a falling out with Wolfe and health issues (via The Sun), Fritz would not be returning in the show's newest season.

"American Pickers" has a simple, yet very effective premise: Two guys, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, hit the vast open roads of America looking for rare and interesting items in people's collections. They would then take them back to their Iowa-based store Antique Archaeology to resell. Oftentimes, the show would educate the viewer on the items picked, thereby adding an educational angle. The appeal was not only that you the viewer could be sitting on some "rusty gold," but the incredible chemistry Wolfe and Fritz had on the show.

Early this month, the new season of "American Pickers" finally aired — but fans are not pleased with Fritz's absence.

Fans aren't happy that Frank Fritz is gone

Mike Wolfe took to Twitter on January 8 to promote the latest episode of "American Pickers," writing, "Step right up! TONIGHT Robbie and I follow a lead that delivers us to an empire of vintage coin-up scales — like this one. WATCH full story behind how this collection was created on an all new @americanpickers." 

As you might expect, fans were not happy with the change in the cast. And, since this is the internet, they certainly let their feelings be known in the reply section. 

@johntracey46 didn't mince words, saying: "No Frank = No Viewing. Frank gets screwed over = [American] Pickers is over. I doubt Frank would lower himself to go back either and he'd be right." @kidder_angie echoed this, and also referenced the alleged ego clash, tweeting, "die hard pickers fan that had to quit you. too bad ego directs the show now. bring Frank back!"

A fan named @scienceguy2k had a short and sweet response, stating, "No Frank means #JumptheShark." Finally, @TequliaTim summed things in the best way by simply tweeting,  "Bring back The Bearded Charmer already #frankfritzforever."

It's doubtful that Fritz will make an appearance on "American Pickers," but it is nice to see the outpouring of support from diehard fans.