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The American Horror Stories Plotline Fans Think Should Get Its Own Series

While Ryan Murphy has produced a broad array of TV content over the years, from high school musical comedies to intense courtroom dramas, "American Horror Story" is one of his most popular, enduring series. The anthology series first aired in October 2011 with the beloved "Murder House" and recently hit its tenth season, "Double Feature," in August 2021.

The franchise expanded in July 2021 with the introduction of "American Horror Stories." Like its predecessor, the spin-off series tells bite-sized tales with scary subjects ranging from a sadistic Santa Claus who targets an obnoxious influencer collective to a banned film that turns viewers into animalistic killers.

With each episode featuring a new cast, setting, and storyline, it's easy to wonder what a complete season with one of these themes could entail. On the "American Horror Stories" subreddit, a thread by u/hamstercakes led many fans to agree that one episode, in particular, "deserved its own season!"

AHS fans would watch a Feral season

With more than 100 upvotes, Reddit users agreed that "Feral" would make for a great season of "American Horror Story." The "American Horror Stories" episode follows parents grieving the disappearance of their son during a camping trip. A decade later, the now-separated couple is coaxed back into the wilderness by someone claiming to have information on their son. However, there's something far more sinister lurking in the national park: a government-protected group of inbred cannibals.

Although many "AHS" fans admit that the spin-off season was hit-or-miss, most agreed that "Feral" was a highlight. "Maybe these Stories are all kind of test pilots to see which season they'll do next," suggested u/sportstvandnova. "I'd vote for Feral!! The woods terrify me – so that episode was definite nightmare fuel."

"More episodes set in the woods, please," said u/ElectricBarbarellas. "Feral deserved at least a 2-part episode."

u/MadeUpMelly pointed out that the episode contained "a lot of good, potential storylines that can be done in regards to what really lies in the deep woods." Another Redditor added that it could follow "what goes bump in the night in the woods," citing "cannibals, skinwalkers, Big Foot, UFOs, fairies, [and] staircases" as potential scares.

With "American Horror Stories" revisiting the franchise's iconic Murder House in three episodes, it's not totally out of the question that the main series could cross over with "Feral" in the future.