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The Character Everyone Forgets Glenn Close Played In Hook

Sometimes the strangest cameos have often occurred simply because the actor was there at the right set at the right time. Following the release of "The Matrix Resurrections," it was recently revealed that Tom Hardy managed to infiltrate the program and be an extra in the latest installment to the beloved franchise. These sort of chance appearances have gone on for years, though, many of which were hiding in plain sight only for the audience to pick up on a few watches later. One impressive culprit that did just that was Glenn Close, who made an appearance in Steven Spielberg's swashbuckling take on the tale of Peter Pan, 1991's "Hook."

Long before legacy sequels were such a thing, one of the film's greatest storytellers revisited one of the greatest stories in children's literature with the help of Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman. The former plays Peter Panning, whose children are kidnapped by the legendary Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman), forcing him to head to Neverland, where he discovers he was once the boy that almost never grew up. Coincidentally though, it's during the first reencounter of these longtime rivals that Glenn Close found herself slap bang in the middle — and thrown into a box for her troubles.

Glenn Close appeared as the severely punished pirate in Hook

Shortly after Peter's arrival to Neverland, he manages to sneak aboard the Jolly Rodger in the hope of rescuing his children. During his infiltration, Hook is bragging to his crew about his recent kidnapping, only to call out one who didn't believe he could do it. The naysayer pirate in question is none other than Glenn Close, hidden under fuzzy hair and a carefully applied beard and mustache, making her barely recognizable. The appearance, random as it is, was simply because the Oscar-nominated actress was paying a visit to her dear friend, Robin Williams, at the time.

Revealed to The Scotsman by the actor herself, Close recalled how, after bringing along her daughter, Annie, to the set, the film's director made a random but equally entertaining suggestion. "We got there, Steven Spielberg said, 'do you want to be a pirate?' And I said 'sure,' revealed Close. "So I got a beard and costume, and the script girl came on to me. She thought I was a man. In fact, nobody guessed I was a woman for three days. I'm pretty proud of that." While there have been a number of sneaky cameos in the past, few are as well-hidden as that familiar-looking pirate in Spielberg's classic adventure.