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The Law & Order Characters That Fans Wanted To See More Of

"Law & Order" was one of the longest-running prime-time television shows in history, per USA Today, and due to that, it sported a remarkably robust cast of characters. Created by the legendary Dick Wolfe, "Law & Order" originally premiered in 1990 and ran until 2010. Considering the show had a whopping 20 seasons during its first iteration (a 21st season is set to premiere on February 24, 2022), there were lots of change-ups within the main cast of the series. But even after these characters left, they continued to leave their mark on both fans and the show itself. 

With the characteristic string pluck sound effect, "Law & Order" combines elements from both police and trial procedurals. As mentioned earlier, the show has had a rotating ensemble, and throughout its run, it starred the likes of George Dzundza, S. Epatha Merkerson, Angie Harmon, Sam Waterston, and Jerry Orbach, among many others. But what characters from the hit television show do fans of the popular series want more of?

Fans wanted to see more of Fontana, Cerreta, and many others

Over on the "Law & Order" subreddit, u/Mattiasflgrtll6 posed the question of which characters from the classic series their fellow fans want to see more of. They responded to their own question by citing Max Greevey (Dzundza), Ben Stone (Michael Moriarty), and Paul Robinette (Richard Brooks). This immediately caused a deluge of comments, with some agreeing, and others offering their own opinions on the matter. 

Phil Cerreta (Paul Sorvino) had several mentions, with u/youarelosingme saying, "I loved Cerreta! Such an underrated character. I always wished he popped back up in some capacity after he left." On the other hand, u/mtmullaney wanted to see more of Joe Fontana (Dennis Farina). Redditor u/SeaPalpitation7 agreed with that, replying, "I loved Fontana and his fashion sense! I was very sad when the actor passed. He was a worthy successor to Briscoe as Senior Detective." 

Other Reddit users listed off several characters, but it seems that there are a bunch that fans wanted to see more of without a clear consensus among them, which illustrates just how popular and diverse the fan base for "Law & Order" truly is. It will be interesting to see how fan opinions form and shift once the newly minted Season 21 starts to run.