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Batgirl Set Video Provides First Look At One Of The DCEU's Most-Anticipated Characters

Slowly but surely, behind-the-scenes leaks have begun trickling out for the upcoming HBO Max live-action movie "Batgirl." The film will see "In the Heights" star Leslie Grace donning the purple and yellow outfit (which was already revealed on social media) as Barbara Gordon, daughter of J.K. Simmons' Commissioner Gordon, who takes up the mantle under the watchful eye of Michael Keaton's original Batman.

Shooting is now underway in the Scottish city of Glasgow, which was also used as a Gotham stand-in for Robert Pattinson's "The Batman" (via Syfy Wire), and hosted the potentially DC Extended Universe ripping runner, "The Flash" (via The Herald). Suffice to say, there have been many iconic characters running around the Scottish city streets, and now, some brand new footage has provided the first look at one of the most hotly anticipated "Batgirl" players. The footage in question features a certain flame-obsessed villain that will be going up against Grace's guardian of Gotham — one who looks remarkably like Brendan Fraser.

A new video appears to reveal the first look at Firefly in Batgirl

Marking the second DC project on his résumé after his role in "Doom Patrol," Brendan Fraser will be playing Garfield Lynns, aka Firefly, in "Batgirl." A recurring villain from the DC comics who is considered to be one of Gotham's finest, Lynns was a professional arsonist who suffered from a traumatic childhood. His obsession led him to be horrifically scarred, which is hidden thanks to a fireproof suit (complete with jetpack) he wears whenever he's out on the job. Now, an all-new bit of footage shows just how much damage he's going to cause.

Over on the DCEUleaks subreddit, u/aduong treated their fellow Redditors to a behind-the-scenes video that they claim to be footage of the filming of one of Firefly's scenes. In the video, Fraser (or his stunt double) can be seen casually walking out of a building engulfed in smoke while wearing a heavy overcoat. After he walks across the street, he even looks back briefly to inspect his handiwork. Fraser's fire-starting foe doesn't appear to be wearing his iconic fireproof suit in the scene, but that could simply be a detail that comes at a different point in the film. 

We'll have to see how Fraser handles the role when "Batgirl" takes flight on HBO Max later this year.