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The Type Of Episodes American Horror Story Fans Want To See

"American Horror Story" quickly became hugely popular after it debuted on FX back in 2011 with Season 1, "Murder House." Audiences really resonated with Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's unique, inclusive approach to the horror genre. The anthology format of the series has propelled a number of actors like Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga, and Sarah Paulson to new heights of fame since they can all show off their acting range with different characters over the years.

The show has arguably led to a resurgence in horror TV, with other anthology titles like "Channel Zero," and "Lore" terrifying audiences with innovative scary stories. But "American Horror Story" only continues to get more popular with each new batch of episodes. Season 10 arrived in 2021, titled "Double Feature" — giving the writers even more scope to tell two different tales with a smaller amount of episodes per story.

Obviously, the question is how long FX can keep making the anthology series, because there are only so many individual stories the writers can stretch out into full seasons. That's partly why "American Horror Stories" is refreshing, because it's a weekly anthology show, with each episode a separate story rather than a full season. Although, fans weren't so impressed, as the spinoff has a 37% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Ouch.

So what do the audiences want out of the franchise? Well, there's a whole Reddit thread dedicated to the type of episodes "American Horror Story" fans want to see.

Fans want to see more backstory from smaller characters

Some of the smaller characters and killers that show up over all 10 seasons of "American Horror Story" have fascinating stories, and fans want to see more from them. A few fans on Reddit talked about what a backstory for "Coven" villain Axeman (Danny Huston) would look like. U/Johndeaconshands wrote, "Ooh like his origin story as to why he started killing... Hmm that would be cool." It's worth noting that the Axeman is based on a real serial killer from 1919 — but since he was never brought to justice, there's plenty of scope for the series to look at Huston's version a little closer (via A Fortean in the Archives).

Meanwhile, u/ConnieJonnie wants to see more about the Haitian spirit, Papa Legba (Lance Reddick), who controls the border between life and the Spirit World. The Redditer wrote, "I would love an episode with Papa Legba. Maybe just a typical day for him – could be funny, horrific, and sad all at once." It would be easy to get a whole anthology series about Papa Legba and the various spirits he meets through his role as the Gatekeeper of the Spirit World. Plus, it would be a great way of exploring Haitian culture a little deeper than just touching on the practice of Voodoo.

U/ConnieJonnie also added, "They could even do the episode where Nan joins from his perspective" — referring to "Coven" Episode 10, "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks." It would definitely be interesting to see more of how Nan works with Papa Legba in the Spirit World. Although, fans get a glimpse of this in "Apocalypse" when her spirit shows up in Hell to chastise Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett).