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The Worst Killer On CSI Season 3

For 15 seasons, the police procedural "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" showed audiences how meticulous lab work could help catch even the most notorious killers. Gil Grissom (William Peterson) and his team of crime scene investigators proved that the smallest shred of molecular evidence could be the biggest breakthrough to solve a case. Though the show ran its initial course by 2015 (per IMDb), it returned for another run with "CSI: Vegas" and its popular first season last year — so much so that CBS renewed it for a second one almost immediately (per Deadline).

The drama has maintained a steady stream of killers coming its audience's way. Some episodes even saw the team tackle not one, but two murderers with ease. From deviant serial killers to opportunistic killers who murder for money or power, the show has had them all.

But even as "CSI" has had several creepy and mind-blowing criminals take the stage, the show has had its share of misses. Even the initial seasons of the show, which had a lot of new stories each episode, included killers that at best just didn't make sense. Let's take a look at one such killer from Season 3.

The concierge who killed a horse trainer was the worst killer in Season 3

In Season 3 Episode 21, "Forever," the team is split between two cases — one being the death of a horse trainer mid-air in the cargo hold of a luxurious private plane.

If the introduction sounds like a stretch, the motive behind the kill makes it unbelievable. Grissom and Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) arrive at the crime scene after the plane has landed, where it looks as if the horse killed its trainer. The plot thickens when the horse dies from an infection. The horse's necropsy reveals that its uterus has a bag of uncut diamonds in it, and they find that several other bags were already taken out.

Catherine surmises that it was the horse trainer who put the diamonds in the horse, revealing that she was not innocent after all. With the diamonds missing, the team focuses on finding an interested buyer among the suspects. Finally, Catherine's instinct leads her to the plane's concierge, who was smuggling the diamonds in the horse. But in the final reveal, the diamonds are found with the concierge's mother, who owns a jewelry store.

The lengths to which the concierge went to get the diamonds, only to then try and sell them to his mother, made the entire kill seem quite anti-climactic. And that makes the concierge the worst killer in "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" Season 3.