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The Biggest Unanswered Questions From CSI: Vegas Season 1

Based as a continuation of the original "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" series, the first season of "CSI: Vegas" invited CBS audiences to revisit murders set in the entertainment capital of the world. With Jorja Fox and William Petersen returning full time as Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom, the Las Vegas crime scene investigators work hard over the course of the season's 10 episodes in order to solve crimes and restore the reputation of David Hodges (Wallace Langham). By the end of the Season 1 finale, Hodges's good name is restored and Anson Wix (Jamie McShane), the man who went to extreme lengths to set him up, is locked away in a jail cell, certain to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

While Season 2 has not yet been confirmed, it's likely that a second season of the series could revisit any of the below questions that remain unanswered at the end of the inaugural season.

Who is the unidentified serial killer at the end?

Of course, the biggest question remaining is the identity of a mysterious gloved figure who is glimpsed only briefly at the very end of the first season. In the last moments of the final episode, a news team discusses the possibility of an active serial killer in the Las Vegas area. The news anchors introduce the story by mentioning that a third murder victim in only a few nights has been discovered downtown Las Vegas, just before the camera pans out to show a figure scribbling all over the walls and various appliances of a white-colored room.

During the original "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" series, one particularly elusive serial killer known as Sqweegel manages to evade capture in Season 11 after murdering two people and attempting to kill a third. Sqweegel's name comes from the sound that the daughter of one of his victims hears while her mother is being murdered at a car wash (via CSI Fandom). In a post-finale interview with TVLine, "CSI: Vegas" showrunner Jason Tracey dodged questions about Sqweegel, pointing out that the identity of the gloves figure is unknown for certain at this point. 

"Actually... that may not be Sqweegel," Tracey told TVLine. "That may just be black gloves. I'll just leave it at that." Tracey went on to say that "everything is open to interpretation until it's not" and noted that he plans to "open [Season 2] up for a new room of writers" that could have ideas about an entirely new killer.

What will happen to Anson Wix's sister?

In the end, Anson Wix goes where most of us probably assumed he would end up: jail and then what is sure to be a hefty prison sentence after his trial. However, writers have not made it explicitly clear what becomes of his sister, Anna (Eileen Grubba), who viewers will probably remember from her appearance in Season 1, Episode 7. 

During that episode, Grissom finds himself in an intense discussion with Anna in which she openly admits that her brother "hates [CSI]." Anna seems to harbor a similar vendetta against the crime investigating unit, noting that her brother should be famous. With a smirk, Anna relishes knowing that her brother's plot to discredit David Hodges's career is working. During their discussion, Anna also admits that she is the one who first told her brother that David Hodges is "the easiest to picture faking evidence."

While it is unclear if Anna is found guilty of any serious crimes like Anson, her knowledge and encouragement of her brother's actions, in addition to her refusal to inform authorities when asked about it, could make her guilty of being a principal actor to her brother's crimes in the state of Nevada. According to NRS 195.020, a person is guilty of being a principal actor in a crime if an individual "directly or indirectly, counsels, encourages, hires, commands, induces or otherwise procures another to commit a felony, gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor" (via Nevada State Legislature). 

Because Anna openly admits to encouraging her brother in his crimes, it seems almost certain that she is also destined for prison. It also doesn't seem particularly likely that Grissom would be unwilling to testify at her trial. However, "CSI: Vegas" simply chooses not to elaborate on Anna's status in the finale.

Will Allie and Josh get together?

Throughout the entirety of the first season of "CSI: Vegas," the closeness between two new cast members has been obvious. Joshua Folsom (Matt Lauria) and Allie Rajan (Mandeep Dhillon) work day after day with some of the least rewarding and most grueling job descriptions known to man and it seems obvious that the two could seek refuge from their difficult workloads just like another "CSI" couple they know. Plenty of people have speculated that the two could end up together at some point in the future, but the Season 1 finale decides not to answer that question yet, instead only offering a hint at the future.

After Allie openly explains her frustrations with her mostly off-screen boyfriend, Mark (Rich Ceraulo Ko), she discovers that her key to Mark's apartment has been intentionally melted. Only shortly before Allie makes this discovery, she tells Josh that she previously considered doing so herself. Though not directly stated, it is heavily implied that Josh is responsible for the melting of the key and Allie certainly recognizes it. Where the two friends might take this development in a possible Season 2, however, remains to be seen.