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Jasmin Savoy Brown And Mason Gooding Reveal How Randy Inspired Their Scream Characters - Exclusive

There's a reason Jamie Kennedy's Randy Meeks stole the hearts of "Scream" fans in 1996: He's a fictionalized version of horror buffs everywhere. Most of the best meta moments from the first and second films came from Randy, helping the franchise define satirical horror for the rest of time. Sure, every good slasher movie has a horror expert, but Kennedy brought something truly special to Randy, and fans can't help mourn his character over 20 years after his grisly demise. 

Now, there's a new generation of Meeks to carry on his nerdy legacy. "Scream" (2022) introduces his niece Mindy (Jasmin Savoy Brown) and his nephew Chad (Mason Gooding). Randy's memory is very much alive in the Meeks family when they sit down to consume copious amounts of horror in the Randy Meeks Memorial Home theater. It's okay, you can cry. Let it out.

During an exclusive interview with Looper, Jasmin Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding revealed what it was like carrying on the Meeks legacy and what they would love to ask Kennedy if given the chance to chat with their onscreen uncle.

Picking up the horror expert mantle from Randy

On what was it like carrying on the horror expert mantle from Kennedy's Randy, Savoy Brown admitted that she wasn't a "Scream" fan until she scored the gig. She said, "Very fun. I didn't realize I was carrying on a mantle at first because I hadn't seen the movies until we were shooting [the new "Scream"], and then I realized, 'Oh, I can't think about this too much, or I'll stress myself out. I have to just pretend that I don't know this is a big deal.'"

It's safe to say that anyone in her position would be a tad nervous about carrying on the legacy of such an iconic role. Savoy Brown added, "Now, all I can do is sit back and hope that I did him proud, and did the fans proud, and did the filmmakers proud, and would've done Wes [Craven] proud." If the critic and fan response to the movie is anything to go by, most fans would agree: Mission accomplished.

Honoring the iconic Jamie Kennedy

On whether the onscreen siblings got a chance to talk with Jamie Kennedy before filming, they both said, "Unfortunately, no." Savoy Brown added, "Hope to talk to him soon." Gooding noted, "I can't tell you the amount of times I've seen him perform and watched a movie and gone..." Savoy Brown acknowledged Kennedy's icon status while Gooding added, "It's remarkably high, so I'd love to speak to him."

Sadly, we don't get to see Kennedy interact with the twins on-screen given that Randy died in 1997 long before they were born. Savoy Brown noted her immense respect for her canonical uncle, saying, "Hopefully, we can get a family portrait someday." Gooding agreed while Savoy Brown pondered, "But who's our dad?" That's something the film doesn't answer, but it would certainly be fun for the franchise to answer — especially if their family history has relevance to another OG character.

Regarding what they would have liked to ask Kennedy if given the chance, Savoy Brown said, "How are you so good?" Of course, Gooding concurred, adding, "I feel like I'd want to know what process he put himself through in evolving himself with the horror atmosphere that was around in the '90s, and if he was a fan prior to [that time], and if that incited his Randy Meeks."

Savoy Brown popped in with, "And if he knew what it would become," posing the question if the cast knew what the franchise was going to end up being. Gooding answered, "You'd probably hope, but I don't know if you can ever know." Surely, no one could have anticipated the series remaining this iconic 25 years later. Savoy Brown concurred, saying, "Yeah, I don't think you can know" while Gooding wondered, "To what degree?" Well, Kennedy, if you're reading this, your fictional niece and nephew have some questions they'd love to ask you. 

"Scream" (2022) is now playing exclusively in theaters.