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Scream's Mason Gooding And Jasmin Savoy Brown Gush About Jamie Kennedy And Horror Experts - Exclusive Interview

"Scream" (2022) is a love letter to the original film and its incredible slate of actors and characters. However, beyond the inclusion of the legacy cast, the new movie finds clever ways to incorporate some of our departed favorites into the storyline — like Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy).

The second "Scream" film may have killed off fans' favorite horror expert (in the most un-Randy-like way possible), but his legacy lives on in the requel. His niece, Mindy (Jasmin Savoy Brown), and his nephew, Chad (Mason Gooding), make sure of that. Whether it's hanging out in the Randy Meeks Memorial Home Theater or Mindy taking after her uncle in horror expert territory, fans can feel the presence of our favorite nerd all throughout the movie.

During an exclusive interview with Looper, Jasmin Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding revealed what they would ask Jamie Kennedy if they had the chance, which OG character Chad is most like, and which scary movie is their favorite. Spoiler alert: It's not what you think.

The continued legacy of Randy Meeks

You both play siblings whose uncle is Randy Meeks (RIP). Did either of you get a chance to talk with Jamie Kennedy at all before filming?

Jasmin Savoy Brown: Unfortunately, no.

Mason Gooding: Unfortunately not.

Savoy Brown: Hope to talk to him soon.

Gooding: I can't tell you the amount of times I've seen him perform and watched a movie and gone...

Savoy Brown: And been like, "Wow, icon."

Gooding: It's remarkably high, so I'd love to speak to him.

Savoy Brown: Immense respect. Hopefully, we can get a family portrait someday.

Gooding: I would love that.

Savoy Brown: That'd be pretty cool, but who's our dad?

What would you have liked to ask [Jamie] if you had the chance?

Savoy Brown: "How are you so good?"

Gooding: That's right.

Savoy Brown: I would've said it like that with my neck up for some reason.

Gooding: "How are you so good?" I feel like I'd want to know what process he put himself through in evolving himself with the horror atmosphere that was around in the '90s, and if he was a fan prior to [that time], and if that incited his Randy Meeks.

Savoy Brown: And if he knew what it would become.

Gooding: Oh, of course.

Savoy Brown: Do you think they knew that it was going to be...

Gooding: You'd probably hope, but I don't know if you can ever know.

Savoy Brown: Yeah, I don't think you can know.

Gooding: To what degree?

Savoy Brown: Hmm.

Always teen girl number five

Jasmin, what was it like carrying on the horror mantle from Jamie's Randy — the horror expert mantle?

Savoy Brown: Very fun. I didn't realize I was carrying on a mantle at first because I hadn't seen the movies until we were shooting [the new "Scream"], and then I realized, 'Oh, I can't think about this too much, or I'll stress myself out. I have to just pretend that I don't know this is a big deal.' Now, all I can do is sit back and hope that I did him proud, and did the fans proud, and did the filmmakers proud, and would've done Wes [Craven] proud.

Mason, who do you think your character is like from the original film?

Gooding: Drew Barrymore's boyfriend in the chair. Probably...

Savoy Brown: Teen Girl Number Five.

Gooding: Teen Girl Number Five. There's a little bit of Dewey, just because he's sweet and kind of a dope sometimes, which is the best way to be misleading in a lot of ways. Everyone's a suspect. I gave you three answers, but all three or five.

Savoy Brown: I think Teen Girl Number Five for him.

Gooding: That's what I was drawing from when I would perform: Teen Girl Number Five.

Savoy Brown: I know. I know, I was there.

Gooding: I don't know if I quite lived up to it, but...

Savoy Brown: Almost.

Gooding: Almost.

I think you did a great job as Teen Girl Number Five.

Gooding: Thank you. That makes me feel better.

Savoy Brown: Wow, she's a fan.

Gooding: I know I was good.

Savoy Brown: Or good at lying.

Gooding: Truly.

March of the Ghostface

Your charisma on screen is clearly awesome, and it's obvious how that happened because your chemistry in real life is amazing. So what was it like working together and being on this iconic set and developing your sort of sibling rivalry [dynamic]?

Savoy Brown: [Jokingly] It was tough. We really don't enjoy each other's company at all.

Gooding: [Fake seriously] It's fine. I don't know why you're laughing. I don't know what is funny about that.

Savoy Brown: Yeah, it was tough.

Gooding: Jasmin reminds me each and every day profoundly and exhaustively that I am at work.

Savoy Brown: Yeah, I got to keep him in line.

Gooding: That's right. God forbid there's any fun to be had when on set.

Savoy Brown: Get in line.

Gooding: That's right.

Do you have a favorite scary movie?

Savoy Brown: Oh, man. I mean, it's probably got to be...

Gooding: It's got to be "March of the Penguins."

Savoy Brown: Oh my God. "March of the Penguins" is awful.

Gooding: I mean, if you –

Savoy Brown: So scary.

Gooding: That's probably the highest body count of any movie ever.

Savoy Brown: Oh man, there [are] so many penguins. And you know how they keep switching to be warm. They move from the inside to [the] outside.

Gooding: And then they just get –

Savoy Brown: Demolished.

Gooding: Listen, and then the sea birds, oh my.

Savoy Brown: Oh, my God...

"Scream" is now playing exclusively in theaters.