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The Peacemaker Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad" may have killed off many of its major characters, but some of the ones that survive the events of the movie live to fight another day — and in another format, no less. The ruthless Peacemaker (John Cena), of all people, is rescued from the smoking ruins of Corto Maltese with suspiciously minor injuries, and after a period of recuperation, he moves on to have his own absurd adventures in HBO's "Peacemaker." 

Apart from "The Suicide Squad" veterans Peacemaker, Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland), and John Economos (Steve Agee), the world of "Peacemaker" is populated by a wildly diverse cast of characters that are so thoroughly unlike each other that you could easily fill an astrological chart with them. As it happens, this is precisely what we're going to do today. Come, let's take a look at which "Peacemaker" character you are based on your zodiac sign

Spoilers for "Peacemaker" ahead!

Aries: Amanda Waller

Condense the Aries zodiac sign to its core traits, and you'll find a born leader who's extremely capable when it comes to getting things done, but whose communication tends to be on the snappy, end-justifies-the-means side of the equation. The "Peacemaker" character who fits this definition extremely well is none other than Amanda Waller (Viola Davis).

Granted, the acerbic A.R.G.U.S. leader doesn't enjoy a whole lot of screen time in "Peacemaker." However, she is very much responsible for the show's premise. After all, she's the one who puts together the squad for Project Butterfly and gives them their mission. She's also responsible for inserting her daughter, Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks), into the team to secretly observe the proceedings. That's a lot of presence for someone whom you only see in a quick facetime call cameo, but as anyone who's witnessed Waller in "Suicide Squad" and "The Suicide Squad" knows, she doesn't have to be physically present to pull the strings. Ultimately, her temperament and leadership qualities definitely merit the assumption that she's an Aries. 

Taurus: Peacemaker

As bull-headed and powerful as the name implies, the Taurus is among the most powerful of the zodiac signs. Nevertheless, all this outer strength, capability, and determination can hide depths aplenty. In other words — and to draw inspiration from the show's excellent title sequence — Christopher "Peacemaker" Smith might seem like a simple musclehead, but he can sure front a mean dance party when the situation so requires.

Like a true Taurus, Peacemaker has a truly complicated relationship with authority, is set in his own ways, and is blunt and to the point. Still, he has a softer, rarely seen side, which belies a much more complex man than the straight-laced, hair metal-loving lug head with the weirdly shaped helmet. Granted, a lot of his issues likely stem from his relationship with his frankly monstrous father, Auggie "White Dragon" Smith (Robert Patrick), but his powerful presence and the surprising softness it belies are both typical Taurus characteristics.

The fact that Taurus is a zodiac sign that's noted for its trustworthiness implies that despite his rather unique nature, Peacemaker is a guy you can rely on when push comes to shove. He just might not always realize it himself. 

Gemini: The Butterflies

The Gemini is into keeping tabs on its surroundings and tends to have a dual personality. In a normal superhero or spy show, this would apply to any number of masked vigilantes and secret spies. But full of tricks as they might be, both the spooks and crimefighters in "Peacemaker" are more or less the same people on the clock as they are off it, give or take the occasional moment when their shields go down. 

Fortunately, the A.R.G.U.S. team's adversaries are pretty perfect examples of Geminis. The titular "butterflies" of Project Butterfly are mysterious creatures that are able to pass for people — even high-ranking politicians. Yet whenever they're not observed, or they feel they can drop the act, they start acting like inhuman, super-strong creatures that behave in the outlandish, detached way that befits a fleshy shell controlled by an insectoid creature. Sure, that's not what your average horoscope means by having two different personalities, but in the strange, dangerous world of "Peacemaker," the "butterflies of the zodiac" are sometimes literal butterflies.

Cancer: John Economos

A Cancer is an excellent and trustworthy friend or ally, but they can also be more than a little bit withdrawn. And more often than not, they'd definitely prefer to be at home. They also have a talent for comedy but can become deeply insulted when something hits a little too close to home.

John Economos is a highly trained and experienced A.R.G.U.S. agent (who most definitely doesn't dye his beard, thank you very much). Yet despite his wealth of tactical expertise, at his heart, he's far and away the clearest everyman type in the team, even taking into account the presence of newcomer Leota Adebayo. As opposed to the unintentionally funny Peacemaker, Economos is a major source — and, on occasion, target — of intentional jokes in his team. And as his behavior throughout the mission's beginning stages show, he'd very much like to be doing anything else.

The thing about the Cancer, though, is that when the situation so requires, they can strike where it hurts, and in the third episode of the show, Judomaster (Nhut Le) finds this out the hard way. After the bodyguard easily defeats multiple characters who are vastly stronger and better fighters, the detached and seemingly cowardly Economos easily defeats the diminutive warrior with a little help of the team's van.

Leo: Leota Adebayo

As the newcomer of the team and the closest thing to an audience surrogate character "Peacemaker" has, Leota Adebayo is a warm-hearted and open-minded person whose feet are nevertheless planted firmly on the ground. However, as befits the daughter of A.R.G.U.S. Director Amanda Waller, Leota is also a charismatic person who's more than capable of assuming command of the situation — even if she does it in ways that the more straightforward and ruthless members of her team don't exactly appreciate.

All of this makes Leota a perfect foil for Peacemaker and, as it happens, a perfect example of a Leo. This particular Zodiac sign has plenty of warmth and leadership ability, as well as the kind of good cheer Leota constantly uses to cope with the harsh realities of Project Butterfly and its black ops nature. Interestingly, the sign's negative traits are of the "stubborn arrogance" variety, which one might more associate with Leota's mother. But she might have inherited these traits, and they might surface at some point should life start pushing her the wrong way. Perhaps you'll get a glimpse of this side of her personality at some point in her tenure in the DC Extended Universe

Virgo: Eagly

A Virgo is all about style, grace, and attention that's almost eagle-eyed. Style is in comparatively short supply in the ultra-cheesy world of "Peacemaker," but even if it wasn't, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better candidate for this particular zodiac sign than Eagly. During Peacemaker's incarceration, his faithful animal sidekick lived in less than ideal conditions in Auggie Smith's garage. But when the two are reunited, the majestic bald eagle gets a chance to soar — sometimes literally, other times by hanging its head out of the car window like a dog. 

Eagly's admittedly rather uninspired name might draw a few giggles from the Project Butterfly agents, but that's hardly on the bird of prey itself. As a character, Eagly combines the iconic coolness of its species with some heartwarming canine characteristics, though as Leota Adebayo finds out, it can be somewhat snappy with people it doesn't quite trust. Heck, Eagly even demonstrates its Virgo-like attention to detail in the title sequence, when it swoops in to strike an iconic pose and immediately attempts to stealthily reposition itself to better fit the shot. 

Eagly brings it home when it comes to Virgo's characteristically helpful nature, too. Why else would it treat Peacemaker to a delicious (from his perspective, anyway) opossum at the end of Episode 1?

Libra: Judomaster

The peaceful, chill Libra seems like the zodiac sign that's far and away the most difficult to associate with any "Peacemaker" character. But when you take into account their characteristically affable and generous nature and aversion to people who run their mouths, a picture starts to form. 

Whenever he's not actively fighting multiple people thrice his size, Senator Royland Goff's bodyguard — the inexplicably (yet accurately) named Judomaster — is a peaceful figure. Outside physical combat, his most grievous offense during his debut in Episode 3 is subtly pointing out that his colleague has packed on a few pounds after the guy declines his offer of a snack. Though Judomaster clearly disapproves of Peacemaker's loudmouth antics after their first fight, he's pretty cordial and retaliates by simply pointing out the outcome of their battle.

That, friends, is a Libra through and through. Sure, Judomaster eventually loses a considerable amount of his cool, but in all fairness, getting blindsided by a van and beaten into unconsciousness by a large A.R.G.U.S. agent will do that to a person, regardless of their star sign.

Scorpio: Auggie Smith

There are plenty of Scorpios who are perfectly awesome people, but there's no denying that many of this particular zodiac sign's more negative traits have all the makings of a supervillain. Extreme determination? Check. Unafraid to turn things ugly and controversial? Check. Potentially frightening, ingenious, and unpredictable? Check, check, double check. 

Your regular Scorpio has more than enough common sense and generosity to overrule all that and turn many of those more negative-sounding things into outright positive traits. However, when you take away all the positives of this sign and amplify its absolute worst qualities, you have the potential makings of a monster — even one as vile as Peacemaker's dad, Auggie Smith. 

Apart from being a terrible father and an awful human being, Auggie is a known supervillain who maintains a high-tech lair in his suburban home. The fact that his supervillain name is "White Dragon" tells you pretty much all there is to know about his worldview, and what it doesn't tell, the man's quick to let you know in person. To create the truly irredeemable Auggie by way of explaining what kind of childhood Peacemaker had to endure, James Gunn took two separate characters from DC comics and combined them into one opinionated, vile man (via CBR). "I just kind of melded those two characters to create a truly awful supervillain with very little chance of redemption," Gunn said during a press event. 

Sagittarius: Vigilante

Sagittarius is a great lover of free, active life and enjoys having fun. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to blurt out all sorts of strange things that pop in their head and aren't necessarily the most organized and patient people around. If only there was a "Peacemaker" character that could embody the borderline vigilante nature of this free-roaming Zodiac sign ... oh, right.

Adrian "Vigilante" Chase (Freddie Stroma) is Peacemaker's self-appointed best friend, and when he's not actively hero-worshipping his fellow costumed killer while blurting out accidental double entendres, he loves nothing better than to dole out ruthless punishment for crimes that generally don't warrant even a fraction of his response. It's clear that Vigilante is living his best life, and while the same can't be said about his victims, he's happy to admit that their agony only adds to his enjoyment. He even happily inserts himself in a black ops mission, happily humming a tune as he guns down targets that, as far as he knows, include a perfectly human woman and two children. 

In other words, Vigilante might technically fit the free-wheeling nature of a Sagittarius, but he certainly finds a way to turn all the zodiac sign's positive traits into negatives. 

Capricorn: Emilia Harcourt

The industrious and forward-thinking Capricorn is a stone cold professional, but their veneer often hides a wild side. Now, on the surface, there's very little about Emilia Harcourt that screams "party." If anything, her sheer frustration over not being able to enjoy a drink by herself without being hit on by a bunch of jackasses implies a reserved and quiet nature. However, Harcourt's cool professionalism as an A.R.G.U.S. field agent can't be denied, and while she's yet to demonstrate any tendencies to let her hair down in "Peacemaker," it's clear that like every other Project Butterfly operative, she's a fully realized person beneath the potentially one-dimensional "tough agent" exterior. And if the A.R.G.U.S. betting pool in "The Suicide Squad" is any indication, she does have a mischievous side.  

James Gunn has confirmed that the character's complexity will be on full display in her interactions with Peacemaker. "You could not tell the story of Harcourt and Peacemaker in a movie," Gunn told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's too weird where they start, where they go, and where they end up."

Aquarius: Sophie Song

Aquarius is the champion of humanity and a progressive enforcer of new ideas and solutions. What better "Peacemaker" character to represent this sign than the free-thinking Detective Sophie Song (Annie Chang) of the Evergreen Police Department?

Since her debut in the show's Episode 2, it's clear that Detective Song is one of the rare Evergreen residents with her head in the game. She demonstrates her quick and out-of-the-box thinking by figuring out the frankly absurd aftermath of the confrontation between Peacemaker and the Butterfly woman in Episode 1 and comes very close to stopping Peacemaker before the show even fully kicks underway. After John Economos frames Peacemaker's father, Auggie Smith, for the incident, Song's focus shifts to the old supervillain, whose abhorrent racial views put the two on a seemingly inevitable collision course. 

This might mean trouble for Song in the long run, but the fact remains that after a mere three episodes of the show, the detective has already arrested a particularly despicable supervillain. How's that for a champion of humanity? 

Pisces: Clemson Murn

As a man of secrets and covert operations who expresses a budding need to become more open and embrace a more human side of himself, Clemson Murn (Chukwudi Iwuji) is a perfect example of a Pisces. His lifelong career as a ruthless special operative with a history that's implied to be full of shady stuff and wetwork clearly bothers him, and while he's still in the beginning stages of shedding his special ops shell — or, for that matter, finding a balance between it and whatever his inner self turns out to be — he seems willing to see where that road takes him. Murn's conflicted nature is readily apparent in Episode 3, where the hitherto unflappable Project Butterfly team leader unexpectedly confides in John Economos that he finds some of his past deeds unagreeable and is exploring avenues to become a better person. 

Seeing as the Pisces is a sign that's defined by duality, Murn's desire to change seems to indicate that his softer and more emotional side — which he's obviously suppressed throughout his career — is finally getting more say in his decisions. He might have his work cut out for him when he tries to balance his infamous history as a black ops agent with his emerging need to emote, but his path certainly has the makings of a pretty interesting character arc.