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Yelena's Intense Face Scene From Attack On Titan Explained

Spoilers for "Attack on Titan" Episode 77.

Since its debut in 2013, the anime series "Attack On Titan" has received increasing critical praise and viewer interest for the strong atmosphere and themes of staying alive in a dystopian and destructive world. This is in part enhanced by the vibrant animation produced by Wit Studio and later MAPPA (via Otaku Magazine). The Guardian wrote that the look of the science fiction show is "spellbinding... all wonderfully acrobatic and intense."

Now airing the second part of the fourth and final season, "Attack On Titan" has become even more dramatic as the characters, like Eren (Yuuki Kaji) and Armin (Marina Inoue), reach their endgames (via Anime News Network). This is especially the case with Yelena (Mitsuki Saiga), as she continues to try to help the Jaegerists. In fact, when Armin suggested calling a truce with the Paradis Island military, Yelena had a very strong, albeit silent, reaction as she loomed over him.

Here's what fans had to say about Yelena's intense look in "Attack On Titan."

Redditors agree that Yelena's face is terrifying

Users on the show's subreddit all agree that the Zeke Jaeger devotee Yelena's reaction to Armin wanting to negotiate was truly terrifying. Redditor u/sneaks678 wrote in reply: "I was 100% convinced Armin was about to die from that face lol." It's an incredibly disturbing expression indeed, inscrutable but certainly not friendly or welcoming of his decision. Redditor u/Ouzelum_2 similarly said that Yelena's look was the "scariest thing in the show about giant human eating monsters and war."

Others speculated about what Yelena's face will mean for the story going forward. Redditor u/Diztronix17 noted that could this indicate how "[Yelena] doesn't trust Armin so I think it's a warning." Additionally, u/matthieuC felt that the expression was more of a threat: "There's 'I don't trust you' faces and 'I want to eat your brain with a Chianti' faces."

Regardless of how the story on "Attack On Titan" continues, the moment is a brief, silent testament to Yelena's devotion to her cause, as well as what she is truly capable of.