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The Boys Presents: Diabolical First Look Teaser Has Fans Losing It

After fans finally got confirmation to save the date for their reunion with the brilliant but excessively bloody show "The Boys" this month, the hunger for super-sick action has only increased in the lead-up to this summer. Thank you Homelander, then, that Amazon Prime Video has released an all-new teaser for their darkly humored superhero animated spin-off "Diabolical," which looks to give a colorful take on this terrifying world we all know and love.

Bringing to life what Garth Ennis' gruesome world of cape-killing heroes would look like if they were thrown in a blender with the "Animaniacs," the new release is, according to the show's producers Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, a project brought to life through shameless imitation. In a statement to Variety, the two wrote, "Ever since we saw the animated film 'The Animatrix,' a series of short animated films set in the universe of 'The Matrix,' we've wanted to rip it off. Today that dream has come true." Of course, their dream is a sick and twisted nightmare for anyone unfamiliar. For the initiated, take a look, and mind your head.

Diabolical confirms that kids and laser vision don't mix

Looking to play things cute while covering the audience in claret, our first look at "Diabolical" feels like a classic animation of a kid left to wander around town. At the same time, her guardian, who is way out of their depth, frantically chases after her to rescue them. The difference here though is that our hero (whose lab coat suggests a potential Vought employee) is running after a super-baby that hasn't quite mastered her deadly gift, much to the dismay of a gang of armed goons.

Fans have already taken to the crazy cartoon style of the show that will span eight episodes. Twitter user @Anonnim praised the clip saying, "I like the Chuck Jones style," accompanying it with a gif of the legendary animator's work on "Tom & Jerry." @EdwardIsSoCool was slightly more on brand simply replying with a gif of Anthony Starr's Homelander saying, 'perfect.' 

Some fans couldn't believe they were getting this on top of a third season of the hit super show, with @PranavManie proclaiming, "S**t man, as if 'The Boys' itself wasn't enough." We, of course, can devour our starter dish of "Boys" brilliance when "Diabolical" arrives on Amazon Prime Video on March 4.