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The Laginas Will Only End The Curse Of Oak Island Under One Condition

One of the most incredible things about History's hit treasure-hunting series "The Curse of Oak Island" is the way that the series leads Rick and Marty Lagina are still able to keep their hopes up after all this time. Through several seasons on air, the Lagina brothers have made little to no progress in discovering the legendary treasure said to rest on the mysterious Oak Island — but that hasn't slowed them down one bit.

The mystery behind Oak Island's treasure has captivated the Laginas for decades, and each season the brothers show up with a renewed vigor for their quest: putting aside all of their failures and focusing on the future. Every iron spike and wooden board they dig up just seems to reinforce their resolve — it's as though every discovery they make proves that there is something hidden on the island, and they're always getting closer to finding it.

Their impressive determination makes it seem like nothing could possibly end their search — though the brothers have admitted there is one scenario in which they would consider abandoning the quest altogether.

The brothers will only give up the search if they stop having fun

While answering fan questions on YouTube, Marty Lagina revealed that they would only abandon the search for Oak Island's treasure if they stopped enjoying it. "If it becomes not fun, if it becomes a source of friction between us, for instance, that would end the quest I think." He also made a comment about abandoning the search if it became "irrational to continue," which is sure to make the more skeptical fans chuckle, as they likely feel the entire mystery of Oak Island is pretty irrational by nature.

Even after this explanation, Rick Lagina was quick to dispel any notion that the two were losing interest in the quest, saying that he was willing to "go just about anywhere and talk to anyone and do anything" to get to the bottom of this mystery that has become such a major part of his life.

It appears as though the brothers only plan on ending the series when they no longer enjoy making it — and from what we've heard thus far, that doesn't seem like it's going to happen any time soon.