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We Finally Know Who Ethan Hawke Is Playing In Moon Knight

We finally got our first trailer for "Moon Knight" after several teases peppered throughout the last few months. The majority of the pulse-pounding new teaser revolved around Oscar Issac's Marc Spector and his struggle with Dissociative identity disorder. It's revealed that Marc also has a sleeping disorder, and he chains himself to a post after getting into bed. Additionally, we learn that some people refer to Isaac's character as Marc, while others call him Steven. This is a nod to his many aliases from Marvel Comics due to his DID.

While Marc definitely takes center stage in the trailer, Ethan Hawke steals the spotlight for a small portion of the teaser. We've always known that Hawke would be playing the villain in the series, but it wasn't confirmed who he'd be playing until now. The actor revealed in an interview that his inspiration for his character was David Koresh, and his appearance in the trailer seems to fall in line with the famous cult leader. Here's who Hawke is playing in the highly-anticipated series.

Ethan Hawke will play Dr. Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight

According to the closed captioning for the first "Moon Knight" trailer, it looks like Ethan Hawke will be playing Dr. Arthur Harrow. While it's amazing to know who the talented actor is finally playing, it's interesting to see it's a character with not a long history in Marvel Comics. Dr. Harrow only appears in one issue — "Moon Knight: Fist of Konshu Vol. 2" #2 from 1985. However, having a short stint in the "Moon Knight" storyline doesn't make him any less menacing.

Moon Knight works with Dr. Victoria Gail to take down Dr. Harrow in this particular comic story. Dr. Harrow suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia, which causes him to have a facial disfigurement. There's no sign of this in the trailer, as Ethan Hawke appears to have an unaffected face. That doesn't mean something grim isn't imminent for his character, though. Taking inspiration from the Nazis in World War II, Dr. Harrow starts experimenting on human patients and tries to make them impervious to pain. These experiments lead to zombie-like soldiers who are sent to murder Dr. Gail when she gets too close to the truth.

Despite being tracked down by Moon Knight and Dr. Gail underneath a Mayan pyramid, Dr. Harrow is able to escape. It's later revealed that he's working for O.M.N.I.U.M. It's always possible that Hawke's character will also take inspiration from other Moon Knight villains, but at least now we know who serves as the base. In the trailer, he appears to have followers who bow to him, but we'll have to see exactly what this all means when the series finally debuts. 

"Moon Knight" debuts on March 30 on Disney+.