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Moon Knight Trailer Dazzles During NFL Wild Card Game

"Moon Knight" is one of the most highly-anticipated upcoming Marvel Studios projects. The show was first announced at the D23 Expo in 2019, and it took two years before Oscar Isaac was confirmed as the lead after a year of rumors suggesting he nabbed the part. The plot behind "Moon Knight" has been kept under wraps, but we expect the title character, Marc Spector, to take on a worthy unnamed adversary, played by the great Ethan Hawke.

After the tiniest tease of footage at Disney+ Day from 2021, we finally have our first trailer for "Moon Knight," which made its debut during the NFL Wild Card game on January 17. The series looks to be one of Marvel Studios' most ambitious projects to date and has a darker tone that we haven't seen much of in the MCU. We also got a confirmation on the series' release date. Isaac's cloaked superhero is a character that's sure to amass quite the fanbase, especially for those who are not familiar with Moon Knight's comic book lore. The teaser is mysterious enough to keep us wanting more, but just enough to satisfy us until a second trailer drops.

Moon Knight is sticking to its source material

Obviously, Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke aren't the only two characters rounding out the cast of "Moon Knight." Unfortunately, there was no sign of Gaspard Ulliel ("Hannibal Rising") or May Calamawy ("Ramy") in the trailer, both of whom will be a part of Disney+ series. Ulliel will be playing Anton Mogart, aka Midnight Man — an art thief who only likes to commit his crimes at, you guessed it, midnight. While we know Hawke is playing the main villain, it doesn't seem likely that Midnight Man will be more than a thorn in the side of Marc Spector. Calamawy's role is still under wraps, although the teaser hints at what she may be up to.

Spector is resurrected by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu in the comics and protects those who travel at night. He is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and also suffers from Dissociative identity disorder. The antihero has other identities, such as millionaire Steven Grant (who he is referred to as once during the trailer) and cab driver Jake Lockley, and it looks like "Moon Knight" will carry this aspect of Spector's life into the series. There were teases of Spector's ancient background with shots of the Egyptian Pyramids. The biggest takeaway from this incredible trailer? We get to see Moon Knight in all his caped glory with his eerily glowing white eyes. It might have only lasted for a few seconds, but it's all that we needed. Embrace the chaos, MCU fans.

"Moon Knight" is set to debut on Disney+ on March 30.