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The Scene From Syfy's Chucky Season 1 Episode 4 That Makes No Sense

"Chucky" is the SyFy series responsible for reviving the gory "Child's Play" horror franchise about a Good Guy Doll (no doubt a parody of the My Buddy doll of the same era) who indiscriminately murders pretty much anyone who crosses his path. The doll is possessed by the ghost of a serial killer Charles Lee Ray, which mostly explains why he has such wonton bloodthirst for turning living people into corpses.

The show pretty much follows the same formula that the late '80s/early '90s films perfected. It also embraces how the movies slowly evolved from being intentionally scary to embracing the campy silliness that is a child's doll committing inconceivable amounts of murder. But the show adds an extra twist by focusing on its predominantly young cast and the problems that young people face today. Although some of these topics are pretty serious, that doesn't stop the show from injecting its classic campy levity — and sometimes shoehorning it in ways that don't make much sense at all.

Detective Tate takes a severely disfigured Chucky to a child's hospital bed

In the show, main protagonist Jake (Zackary Arthur) originally buys Chucky at a garage sale, but the doll eventually ends up under the ownership of Caroline, the little sister of the bully whom Jake wants dead. While trying to kill her, Chucky sets fire to the house instead, causing Caroline to end up in the hospital and severely disfiguring half of Chucky's face in the process.

Later on, there's a confrontation between Jake and his bully, Lexy, in her burned-down house. In a moment of crisis, he decides he doesn't have the heart to murder her after all and saves her from falling into Chucky's blade-wielding arms. Then they're interrupted by Detective Tate who recognizes the doll and follows orders to take it back to Caroline — and is later murdered by Chucky for his trouble.

Fans on social media were boggled by Tate's actions. In one Reddit thread, one of the highest upvoted comments comes from u/RaisinInSand, who wrote "I find it hilarious that a cop sees that burnt f****d up face and thinks yeah this is totally a normal doll and [brings] it to a little kid in a hospital. I honestly love the absurdity of it." That comment has over 100 upvotes, clearly demonstrating why this is one of the most nonsensical scenes in the show so far. That said, fans don't seem to mind, with u/smedsterwho replying "My favourite bit of dumb stupidity too!"