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The Real Reason There Was A Doctor On Set While Shooting After We Fell

The latest installment of the "After" film series is releasing this week and it's taking the steaminess to a whole new level. The series that famously started off as a Harry Styles fanfiction on Wattpad (via Vulture) has been developed into three films with a fourth on the way, per Cosmopolitan UK. The third installment, "After We Fell" sees the return of "bad boy" Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) and "good girl" Tessa (Josephine Langford) as they prepare to graduate college. Tessa is in the midst of making a huge life decision when shocking secrets from both Tessa and Hardin's families are revealed.

Of course, like its previous two installments, "After We Fell" features its fair share of sex scenes. But unlike the other two films, an intimacy coordinator was brought on to oversee those scenes, according to Cosmopolitan UK. Given all of the sexiness of the film, having an intimacy coordinator makes sense, but that wasn't the only professional they needed to oversee the set. Here's the reason why "After We Fell" needed to have a doctor nearby while shooting certain scenes.

After We Fell had a doctor on set for the hot tub scene

Throughout the three films in the "After" series, Tessa and Hardin have quite a few rendezvous in some seriously surprising locations, from the shower to a gym, and even Tessa's workplace. In "After We Fell" Tessa and Hardin take to a hot tub to share yet another steamy scene. But in actuality, things weren't quite as steamy behind the scenes. In fact, you could say it was the opposite.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan UK, star Hero Fiennes Tiffin, who plays Hardin, revealed that the hot tub scene wasn't hot at all. "There's one scene in a hot tub that was minus temperatures. It was freezing outside, literally," Tiffin said. Tiffin then went on to explain why a doctor was necessary to have on set. "And we had the hot tub at lukewarm, because apparently that's better for you, so you don't go from hot to cold, hot to cold. It's better to go from cold to freezing, cold to freezing. And we actually had a doctor on set for that as well. So that took its toll on us."

Filming a scene with just a bathing suit on and in freezing weather has got to be difficult, which Tiffin also pointed out. "But yeah, that was definitely challenging to shoot that one," he said.

Per TeenVogue, you can see the sexy scene for yourself on January 17 when "After We Fell" is released to stream on Netflix.