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The Unexpected Relationship That DC Fans Are Loving In Peacemaker

Besides heartbreakingly sweet eagles and unskippable intro music, "Peacemaker" is a show full of surprises that many fans didn't expect following the events of "The Suicide Squad." In between headwear origins and learning who Christopher Smith's father is, "Peacemaker" is already dropping bombs that leave shockwaves across the series in all the best ways. In particular, fans are having fun wrapping their head around Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks), Peacemaker's newest friend in the field.

Joining the ranks for the top-secret mission and appearing to be immensely green when it comes to being called into action, Adebayo's background was shrouded in mystery leading up to the show. Barely doing her part when the butterfly stuff hits the fan, it begged the question as to why this new rookie had joined this crack team of specialists in the first place. Well, thankfully, the truth was quickly revealed, and fans have taken to the internet to share their thoughts on her place in the DC universe, and more importantly, who she's linked to.

Leota Adebayo is the daughter of Amanda Waller

As massive as the DC Extended Universe may be, "Peacemaker" in particular is a show full of character connections to other notable heroes and villains. In the case of Adebayo, it was revealed that she is, in fact, the daughter of Task Force X head Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). Polar opposite to her mother, who happens to be one of the most feared figures in the DCEU, the revelation and interaction between family members led fans to relish seeing the other side of The Wall.

On Reddit, u/Billyb311 described the relationship between Waller and her daughter as "definitely cool. Not really a side of Amanda Waller we've seen before." u/PowerofFaith agreed, saying, "Yeah, the way she was so genuinely sweet to her daughter is interesting. Wonder if they'll tackle the contrast between how Peacemaker was raised and how Adebayo was." They also highlighted how Adebayo reacted when other members of Peacemaker's team mentioned Waller. "I appreciate the way they focus on her expressions whenever anyone else mentions all the evil s**t her mom has done."

This newly discovered relationship, of course, adds an exciting element to the mix that, so far, the audience is aware of, but the majority of characters in "Peacemaker" don't. We can only see how that develops when the show returns to HBO Max next week.