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Fans Agree This Is The Best Couple In High School DxD

When "High School DxD" fans first met Issei Hyodou (voiced by Yuki Kaji), he was a typical, perverted anime high school student. However, after an unfortunate first date with fallen angel Raynare (Hitomi Nabatame), she murders him. His life changes after being resurrected by demonic classmate Rias Gremory (Yōko Hikasa). In exchange for saving his life, Rias becomes Issei's master and he begins working toward his goal of becoming a Harem King.

The supernatural anime series has a strong fanbase, with many participating in online fan forums. On MyAnimeList, a community and database for anime and manga fans, "High School DxD" often pops up in discussions. A poll shared on the forum asked fans to vote on the show's "best couple." Participants chose between Issei and Akeno Himejima (Shizuka Itō), Issei and Asia Argento (Azumi Asakura), Issei and Koneko Toujou (Ayana Taketatsu), and Issei and Rias.

So, which couple won the fan poll with more than half of the votes?

High School DxD fans love Issei x Rias

In a landslide victory, Issei and Rias won the poll with 124 of the 218 votes. Issei and Akeno trailed with 65 votes and fans defended their relationship in the comments, but the overwhelming majority of "High School DxD" fans agreed that the devilish, day-one pairing reigns supreme.

One fan pointed out that the duo has the best chemistry of the options, and others agreed. RandomGuyScott voted for Issei and Rias, explaining, "She is the one that allows him to get his harem (She is his master and owns several of his wifes [sic] after all) plus she also maintains the balance within the other ones being the primary wife."

In addition to the explanation, they added, "Rias is hot. Rias is life. She wins."

Others praised the character, with RobeChelseaBoots declaring, "Rias is like if God turned himself into a waifu. Issei and Rias are f***ing divine."

"Issei X Rias is the best because they did a lot to defend each others' lives and relationship," wrote SKIDDZ_05.

And so, the results are in: Issei and Rias are the best couple from "High School DxD."