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Why Rias Gremory's Hair Means More Than You Think In High School DxD

When it comes to hair in anime, a distinct hairdo can make a character stand out. From the saiyan heads of Goku and Vegeta of "Dragon Ball" to "Bleach's" Ichigo and his orange top that is now sporting a bit of a haircut in the latest manga one-shot (per Viz Media), anime can produce some of the most unique hairstyles. This is also the case with "High School DxD" lead heroine Rias Gremory, whose crimson hair helps catch the eyes of many anime fans.

Rias makes her entrance in "High School DxD" after the unfortunate first date of Issei Hyoudou leaves him deceased. Rias resurrects him and has the student serve as her underling, which snowballs into a supernatural series of adventures and comedic harem moments. Most fans might never forget the image of Rias' impressive hairstyle from the anime. Throughout the series, Rias sports crimson hair long enough to reach her thighs. Her hair also sports a single strand on top that sticks out.  Still, while waiting for the arrival of Season 5 of the series, some may have overlooked that Rias' hair plays more of a significant role than just serving as part of a character design.

The color of her hair is proof of her powerful lineage

Besides cosplay fans probably giving anime wig manufacturers a booming customer demand for red tops, Rias' hair is also an instant indicator of her powerful family lineage. In various points in the series, her nickname the "Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess," is mentioned. However, in volume 2 of the light novel series (via Yen Press), she implies that she tires of being known as just that. Yet, it's hard to shake the nickname because the Gremory Clan is one of the highest-ranking devil families that are instantly distinguishable thanks to their crimson-colored hair. Throughout the "High School DxD" anime series, various members of the Gremory family have made an onscreen appearance. This includes Rias' father Zeoticus, her nephew Millicas, and brother Sirzechs Lucifer who all feature the trademark crimson color and show their powerful abilities.

The only Gremory Clan member that doesn't sport the color is Rias' mother Venelana, who came into the family thanks to her marriage with Zeoticus. However, it's thanks to her mother that Rias got her famous nickname in the first place. In the short story compilation of "High School DxD DX. Vol. 1" (via High School DxD Wiki)," Zeoticus compares Rias' power to her mother as "cute." This is because in her prime, thanks to her powerful Bael lineage, Venelana was known as the "Brown-Haired Ruin Princess." It appears that Rias' nickname about her hair is also a homage to her mother. It's clear that hair in the Gremory household plays a massive part in the family as it seems to relate to their power.