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The First Trailer For Netflix's Zombie Series All Of Us Are Dead Reveals Your Next Korean Obsession

It's fair to say that South Korean TV shows have really taken off in the West over the last year or so. Netflix's dark thriller "Squid Game," about desperate contestants taking part in a competition of deadly children's games, quickly became incredibly popular, smashing the streamer's viewership records as subscribers spent 1.65 billion hours watching the series within the first four weeks of its release. Meanwhile, "Hellbound" follows what happens when demons start dragging people to the underworld in broad daylight, and it got an impressive 97% critic's rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now, the first trailer for Netflix's upcoming zombie series, "All of Us Are Dead," is revealing our next South Korean TV obsession. It's set in a high school that quickly becomes the epicenter of a bloody zombie outbreak, forcing the remaining students to try and survive the onslaught from their undead classmates. Interestingly, the Netflix series is based on a Naver webtoon of the same name, although it's not clear if it'll be a faithful adaptation of the existing story or if it'll expand it in new ways.

But the first trailer for "All of Us Are Dead" just arrived online, and it's going to be an unmissable watch for horror fans.

High school is deadly in All of Us Are Dead

The first trailer for "All of Us Are Dead" shows off plenty of bloody carnage as a high school is overrun by a zombie virus which is seemingly released by one of the school's teachers. It also has a self-aware streak, as we hear one of the students pointing out that their predicament is like "Train to Busan," the critically acclaimed South Korean zombie horror movie about passengers fighting to stay alive during an outbreak on a fast-moving train. Another student in the trailer even jokes, "Zombies should be in the movies, not at our school." They're not wrong!

The gory action only gets more unhinged as the footage rages on, and the incredibly suspicious teacher suggests that these fast zombies feel "extreme fear" and that they "attack only to survive." It's an interesting take on the undead, one that provides an answer to the carnage other than the typical thirst for brains and flesh. But just because this is set at high school doesn't mean it's suitable for youngsters. The trailer shows plenty of grim and bloody zombies, and it looks like we can expect "All of Us Are Dead" to be an incredibly grisly series.

"All of Us Are Dead" features a relatively young cast, with the likes of "Nobody Knows" star Yoon Chan-young as Chung-san and "House of Hummingbird" actor Park Ji-hoo as On-jo. Meanwhile, "Sky Castle" alum Kim Byung-chul is playing Lee Byung-chan, the mysterious teacher connected to the outbreak. The series is set to premiere on January 28.