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Why Yellowstone's Spin-Off Series 6666 Has Fans Scratching Their Head

In case you didn't know, the "Yellowstone" universe is quickly expanding. There are now two different spin-offs related to Taylor Sheridan's popular Western drama, with the first, "1883," debuting on Paramount+ in December, and the second show, "6666," currently in development. While "1883" serves as a prequel set over a hundred years before the events of "Yellowstone," the "6666" series takes place in the present day, and will be set at the real-life 6666 Ranch in Texas, which fans got a taste of in Season 4. 

The exact plot particulars for "6666" have yet to be released, however, the official teaser synopsis does have a strong focus on the ranch itself. "The 6666 is synonymous with the merciless endeavor to raise the finest horses and livestock in the world, and ultimately where world class cowboys are born and made," it reads, perhaps implying that the day-to-day operations of the ranch will be at the center of the show. Additionally, no official casting news has surfaced, but considering how things went down in Season 4 of "Yellowstone," fans can likely expect Jimmy (Jefferson White) to play a significant role in the spin-off.  

That general lack of concrete information or clear hook seems to be why some "Yellowstone" fans have been a bit confused about the prospect of "6666". Here's what people have been saying.

Yellowstone fans don't think there's anything left to cover

When it comes to the "hook" for Taylor Sheridan's spin-off series "6666," some longtime "Yellowstone" fans are having a hard time actually finding one. 

"1883 has the allure of being directly tied to the Dutton story, it has Tim McGraw and it's a period piece which is cool too...[6666] seems to have no redeeming qualities," wrote one Redditor in a recent discussion thread. In another comment, they emphasized that while "1883" has "a great hook built into it," thus far, "6666" seems to them to be offering "all the stuff about Yellowstone no one loves ..." Another user added, "At least Yellowstone has the scenery of Montana...The land in 6's is so boring."

And it wasn't just the lack of a clear reason to tune in that fans commented on. User u/TeXasMiKE25 joked, "The hook is Sheridan is part owner now and he wants to play with his new toy." They were no doubt referring to the fact that in 2021, reports surfaced that Sheridan and co-investors had likely purchased the historic 6666 Ranch (via Texas Monthly).

Still, while there was cynicism surrounding the upcoming project, some fans are still holding out hope that the "Yellowstone" showrunner will try to wrangle together a brand new story and concept for the spin-off. "I think 1883 is good because it involves shootouts and engaging story, the 6666 will be more a cowboy reality show, Kardashians for the western fans type of thing," said one Redditor

"Maybe it'll be a reality-type show, showing us what daily life is like there," added u/7ruby18. However, even they admitted, "Can't see that it would hold an audience for very long, though."