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Why Fans Finally Got To See Sara And Grissom Kiss In The CSI: Vegas Finale

When "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" premiered back in 2000, it turned the focus to the forensic science behind solving crimes. Fans ate it up and it went on to air for 15 seasons and sparked a franchise with spin-offs, including "CSI: Miami," CSI: NY," and "CSI: Cyber."

Throughout the entire time that various incarnations of "CSI" have been on the air, fans have not only loved the gripping cases portrayed on the show, but also enjoyed following personal lives of their favorite characters. In particular, in the original series, fans were invested in the relationship between entomologist Gil Grissom (William Petersen) forensic scientist Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), who fans often referred to as GSR, or Grissom Sara Romance (per CSI Fandom). The pair often shared brief moments of sneaky flirtations until finally it was revealed the two were in a relationship in Season 6. The couple would then have an on-again, off-again relationship between marriage proposals, breakups, and even divorce. However, in the "CSI" finale, "Immortality," the pair seemed to get a happy ending after all, as they — quite literally — sailed off into the sunset together.

However, "CSI" fans weren't ready to say goodbye to the series, or GSR. So, years later, along came "CSI: Vegas" in 2021. The sequel series sees the return of Sara and Grissom as they go back to Las Vegas to help investigate a conspiracy involving the crime lab. And in the recently released "Vegas" finale, fans were finally given the much-anticipated moment they've been waiting for.

The long overdue Sara and Grissom kiss on CSI: Vegas was to build anticipation

Throughout the ups and downs of Sara and Gil's relationship, the couple only share a few affectionate moments in the span of the original show's 15 seasons. Sure, there have been some memorable scenes, and Sara shaves Gil's beard in an intimate moment from Season 7, but fans have still criticized the series for the couple's lack of visible affection. However, "CSI" fans were heard loud and clear — and finally got what they were asking for — in the Season 1 finale of "CSI: Vegas," as Sara and Gil finally locked lips, for the first time as a married couple (onscreen, that is). 

"CSI: Vegas" showrunner, Jason Tracey, said it was purposefully a long time coming. "It's the most intimate you have ever seen them. Hopefully, it will feel like a payoff for those who have been so invested in the Gil and Sara relationship," Tracey told Entertainment Weekly.

"It's been really interesting to have the two of them married on screen for the first time for an extended stretch. It's a huge responsibility to take the relationship and put it all on screen. But you don't want to go from 0 to 60. You have to have a slow build."

Unfortunately, though, that rollercoaster kiss may be the last we see from Sara and Gil. As Looper previously reported, William Peterson will not be returning for Season 2 since he only signed on to star in the first 10 episodes. GSR fans may be disappointed with this news, but they will have to wait and see just how "CSI: Vegas" plans to address Gil's departure.