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The Deep Cut Easter Egg Even Big Fans Missed In The Book Of Boba Fett Chapter 3

Ask any fan of the "Star Wars" universe, and they'll tell you that spotting Easter eggs — whether it be in films or TV shows — is about as easy as shooting a womp rat in a T-16. Like any story being told in that famous galaxy far, far away, these projects are done by and for fans, so those behind the camera will always look to drop a morsel for audiences to spot when they can. Sometimes, though, even the most eagle-eyed among us fail to spot a nod to this beloved franchise even when it's right in front of our faces.

One such secretive wink to "Star Wars" occurred in this week's episode of "The Book of Boba Fett," during the bounty hunter's chase for the appointment dodging Majordomo. While the pursuit itself had a lot to be desired, there was a part of the steady-paced stroll that saw a piece of the past get blasted into oblivion thanks to the gang of speed bikers.

Some classic Ralph McQuarrie artwork gets wrecked in Book of Boba Fett

During the effort to track down the Majordomo and find out the Mayor's whereabouts, the speeder bike gang (led by current "Yellowjackets" star Sophie Thatcher) wreck anything caught in their path, including a gorgeous mural of the former crime boss Jabba the Hutt, whom Boba has recently replaced. 

While the insertion of this artwork begs the question as to who among the local townsfolk is a Hutt sympathizer (and why, for that matter?), the interesting thing about this particular bit of wall-dressing is that it's a replica of beloved concept designer Ralph McQuarrie's original works. A huge influence in the creation of George Lucas' sci-fantasy world back in 1977, McQuarrie had a hand in sketching out some of the most iconic elements of the original trilogy, including Jabba's throne room in "Return of the Jedi." His work continued influencing the franchise as recently as 2019's "Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker," in fact.

Pause the scene quick enough near the end of this week's episode, and you'll be able to see how close the real thing ended up being — right before it's blown to pieces during the street chase, that is. It's a great little homage to go among many others that we've seen so far. We just hope the speeder gang don't damage any more such masterpieces in future episodes, going forward.