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The Deleted Return Of The Jedi Scene That Would Have Changed Everything

At the time of its release, it rounded out what many believed to be one of the greatest sci-fi trilogies of all time. "Return of the Jedi" (seemingly) closed the story of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), who overthrew the Empire and made peace with his dad, all while his sister and her boyfriend won a battle alongside an army of aggressive teddy bears. Given all that going on, it's understandable why there were some moments in the 1983 film that didn't quite make the cut. Scenes that may have messed with the film's momentum or, in some cases, were too ahem ... forced.

One particular instance was from a scene early on in Luke's final journey to face Vader, and he has yet to accept the truth of the Sith Lord really being his father. In "Return of the Jedi," Luke has his fears affirmed by recluse Jedi Master Yoda during his final trip to Dagobah. In his dying moments, the sage tells his pupil the truth, confirming to our hero, "your father he is." While not as impactful as when Vader said it, Lucas and co had an extra moment they decided not to add, which could've made Luke's relationship with another old friend even more testing.

Yoda ordered Obi-Wan Kenobi not to tell Luke about his father

In this deleted scene that shows a more extended conversation between master and pupil, Yoda reveals the lengths he reached to keep the truth from Luke. In the theatrical cut, when the young Jedi announces Vader has told him about his father, the old master describes it as 'unfortunate.' "Unfortunate, that you rushed to face him! That, incomplete was your training! That, not ready for the burden were you." However, in the deleted scene, Yoda also adds, "Obi-Wan would have told you long ago, had I let him," marking another shocking revelation to Luke that his old Jedi friend knew it too.

While it's only a single line, it's certainly an impactful one that, had it stayed in, would've weakened the conversation Luke and Obi-Wan have shortly after this one. Alec Guinness's beard-scratching teacher's way of telling Luke the truth 'from a certain point of view' is a brilliant moment that may not have landed as effectively if Yoda had already dropped the ball. Also, there's the added issue of Yoda saying one completely cohesive sentence that just doesn't sit right with the rest of his dialogue. Nevertheless, this minor cut still leaves "Return of the Jedi" intact as one great sci-fi adventure, so adding it back may not have made a difference. You know what they say — if broke it ain't, fix it you don't.