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Who Are The Nikto Sand Riders In The Book Of Boba Fett?

So far, "The Book of Boba Fett" has done a great job at showing off all of the different species and factions that inhabit the bustling world of Tatooine. Despite taking place in a universe teeming with thousands of sapient species, the main "Star Wars" films have always predominantly featured humans, and for that reason, it's somewhat refreshing to see a take on the universe that lets the aliens — whether they be Hutts, Tuskens, Wookies, or Twi'lek — pull a bit more weight.

With so many characters, factions, and species, however, the show doesn't take a whole lot of time to explain who everyone is and where they are from. It merely gives viewers the bare essentials to understand the events of Boba Fett's story. A prime example of this can be seen with the Nikto Sand Riders, a gang faction under the influence of the Pyke Syndicate. While the Nikto are important, we have hardly seen them (as of the series' third episode), leading some to wonder just who the Nikto sand riders are.

The Nikto are a common species throughout the Galaxy

In "The Book of Boba Fett," most of the characters speak about the Nikto in regards to the Kintan Striders, a Nikto speeder gang that serves as part of the Pyke Crime Syndicate. In Episode 3 of the series, Boba has a flashback to his past life with a tribe of Tuskens. After traveling to collect tribute from the Pyke Syndicate, Boba returns to find that the Kintan Striders have completely wiped out his tribe, forcing him to leave his new life and return to Mos Espa in order to take back Jabba the Hutt's territory.

However, according to the expanded "Legends" universe, the Nikto are actually a relatively common reptilian species from the planet Kintan. Due to high levels of radiation given off by the planet's star, the Nikto race evolved into four distinct subspecies that once fought for control of their planet. In time, all subspecies of Nikto would come under control of the Cult of M'dweeshu — a religious order that worships their volatile star. However, this did not last long before the Hutts discovered the Nikto and forced them into submission. From here, the Nikto became members of the wider Galactic community, with some even becoming members of the Jedi Order. However, as we see in "The Book of Boba Fett," many still work for the Hutts and other Galactic crime lords.