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Fans Are Going Wild Over The Surprising Cameo In Chapter 3 Of The Book Of Boba Fett

Contains spoilers for "The Book of Boba Fett" Chapter 3

This week's chapter of "The Book of Boba Fett" saw the legendary bounty hunter (played by Temuera Morrison) gain new allies and squash beefs with thought-to-be foes as his effort to takeover Jabba the Hutt's former territory continued. After a failed attempt on his life from legendary bounty hunter Black Krrsantan, Boba receives an apology and a gift from his supposed attackers, the Twins, in the form of a baby Rancor. The offering leads Boba to end his quarrel with the slug-like criminals and fill up his empty pit. Of course, as with any monstrous creature, training and supervision are advised, and the Hutts are sure to take care of that, as well.

Besides having one of the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy under his feet in his new pad, Boba also welcomes a Rancor handler to keep the creature in check. The last one to work at Jabba's palace suffered a great loss after Luke killed the previous Rancor in "Return of the Jedi." However, this one looks to have the new beastie figured out and is played by an absolute icon of action movie history that fans were quick to spot and get excited about.

Danny Trejo has arrived in the Star Wars universe

Seen riding up to the palace with a baby Rancor at his side, "Machete" and "Con Air" character actor Danny Trejo wanders into the galaxy far, far away and is an absolute boss doing it. Named simply as 'Rancor Trainer' in the cast list, Trejo has a respectful exchange with Boba about how his new pet will be managed and what is needed to be the boss of this young-blooded monster. It's a great little scene that fans understandably latched onto.

@DapperTroy took to Twitter, saying, "Machete with a Rancor! I'm f—–g dead bro. Of course it's the episode Robert Rodriguez directs. That was hype!" 

@RexSkywalker described the cameo as "Danny Trejo being a Rancor Keeper is everything actually." 

@ThArkhamKnight got a bit emotional about the man known as Machete turning up at Boba's door, saying, "I'm crying I can't believe they got Danny Trejo in Star Wars." 

Some, on the other hand, were in total disbelief with @JynxPrado admitting, "Ok Danny Trejo bringing in a god damn Rancor was not in my prediction list for the show." 

We can only hope given Boba's request to ride a Rancor, Trejo will be sticking around a while longer, at least until "The Book of Boba Fett" returns next week on Disney+.