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The Best Time Harry Styles Broke Character In The Eternals

Patient fans who stayed for the post-credit scenes in "Eternals" will know that two key characters were introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the end of the film. Kit Harington, who appears early on in the film, is revealed to be in possession of an ancient sword known as the Ebony Blade, making him the MCU's Black Knight. Meanwhile, in the film's mid-credits scene, Harry Styles shows up as a character who reveals himself to be an Eternal named Eros, better known to comic fans as Starfox.

It's a brief scene, but Marvel cast Styles as Eros for a reason. Appearing alongside his on-screen companion, Pip the Troll (Patton Oswalt), the former One Direction member eats up his screentime as Eros with unmatched levels of charisma and charm, telling several of the film's central Eternals that he can help them find their kidnapped friends.

The "Watermelon Sugar" singer's undeniable energy seems to have been on full display behind the scenes as well, as is proven by the film's official bloopers reel.

Harry Styles does a fun little dance in the Eternals bloopers

It's easy to see in a compilation of "Eternals" outtakes (via Entertainment Tonight) that the attitude on the film's set was a lot more lighthearted than the serious and meditative mood of the film itself would have you believe. At the start of the bloopers reel, we can see a backlit silhouette dressed in Eternals regalia doing a funky little dance with his castmates. Unsurprisingly, the figure in question is none other than Harry Styles, whose "Eternals" co-stars can be seen dancing in the background along with him. It's a moment that, in addition to being delightfully goofy and fun, just seems to prove once and for all how charismatic and positive of a presence Styles can be on a film set.

Of course, there's a good chance that fans will be seeing a lot more of Harry Styles' character in the MCU from here on out. In the comics (via Marvel), Starfox teams up with Captain Marvel at one point and eventually goes on to become an Avenger. Much like the actor portraying him, he's known across the galaxy as a heartthrob, with one of his defining personality traits being his flirtatiousness.

All that charm may be hiding something darker, however, as Thanos is Eros' brother. The two have a complicated history and have worked together in the comics from time to time, though, Eros generally doesn't like his sibling's tendency to commit planetary genocide. But regardless of where his story goes next, it seems safe to say that his brief appearance in "Eternals" has made Marvel fans excited to see more of Styles.