The Yellowjackets Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If there's one thing that can reveal one's true nature, it's getting trapped in the woods after a plane crash. This is the central premise of "Yellowjackets," a mystery/suspense/horror series from Showtime. The show follows a high school girls soccer team, the Yellowjackets, after their plane crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. The show tracks two different timelines, the period immediately following (and preceding) the crash –- which takes place in 1996 –- and the surviving women's lives, 25 years later.

"Yellowjackets" is a fairly novel show in that we get to see some of the characters at different periods in their lives. For the women who survive –- Shauna, Misty, Taissa, and Natalie -– this gives us a unique insight into how the crash has affected them. For all the other characters who don't make it out alive, much of what we know about them comes from how they behave in the woods and what their actions reveal about who they really are.

The characters in the series who weren't there during the crash are left on the outside, looking in, never really knowing what these women experienced. These contexts mean that "Yellowjackets" is an especially fascinating show to analyze through the lens of psychology, as each character is complicated and difficult to unravel. Since we aren't psychologists ourselves, we're going to instead use the tools we have at our disposal -– namely astrology -– to analyze these characters. Read on to find out which "Yellowjackets" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Travis

Like his love interest, Natalie, Travis has been hurt in the past, and for this reason he has difficulty trusting people, even if his past trauma is much less severe than Natalie's. He carries a lot of anger from being bullied in middle school, which makes him insecure about how he is perceived. He often reacts to things instinctually rather than thinking through how he feels.

The sign of Aries -– which applies to those born between March 21 and April 19 –- is a fire sign often associated with action and movement. Individuals born under this sign are often rather impatient and tend to act before thinking, but at the same time are also courageous and passionate. As the babies of the zodiac, they are competitive and love to be first.

Travis is an Aries because he reacts on instinct rather than taking the time to analyze the situation. We see this in his relationship with Natalie. After having an awkward sexual encounter and learning more about Natalie's past, Travis lashes out, and Natalie returns the favor. Instead of talking about their issues, Natalie and Travis lead with passion, which doesn't end well. Like many born under this sign, Travis can be moody and short-tempered, two characteristics that rear their heads in his tumultuous dynamic with Natalie. Though he has a sweet side, he often lets his emotions get the best of him and blazes through life like the passionate fire sign he is.

Taurus: Jeff

If there's one thing we can say about Jeff, it's this – the guy's got big "wife guy" energy. While it certainly appears for much of Season 1 that Jeff is cheating on Shauna, things aren't always what they seem in the world of "Yellowjackets," and Jeff does seem to love Shauna and want to make her happy. He doesn't seem to be the smartest guy –- especially compared to Shauna, who it's suggested might even be certifiably brilliant –- and he tends to take things at face value rather than looking deeper.

He doesn't question it when Shauna keeps saying she's going to book club when she's actually cheating on him with Adam, and though he's definitely not always telling Shauna the truth, he still has a big puppy dog vibe. He's a man who is set in his routine and just wants everything to be nice, which is why Jeff is a Taurus.

Taureans -– those born between April 20 and May 20 –- are fixed earth signs known for being reliable, practical, patient homebodies. Though they are sometimes considered very stubborn, it's more that they are set in their ways, having developed an appreciation for stability and tradition. Even though Jeff isn't literally at home very often, he does seem like someone who appreciates the stability of suburban family life and the comforts of home. However, as with every character in "Yellowjackets," there's surely more to Jeff than meets the eye.

Gemini: Jackie

Gemini, the sign for those born between May 21 and June 20, is represented by the symbol of the twins, and its archetype is the communicator. They are charismatic signs known for being highly mutable — hence their designation as "two-faced" — and curious, proving themselves quick-witted in many situations. Their versatility can sometimes come off as superficiality, and their youthfulness can often present as immaturity.

In the world of "Yellowjackets," the character that most aligns with the sign of Gemini is the resident popular girl, Jackie. As the team captain, Jackie is used to being in charge and getting lots of attention but finds that what makes her popular in the real world does not help her in the wilderness. When she finally does make herself useful by putting her sleepover-hosting skills to work and having a seance, it doesn't go well.

While Jackie initially comes off as rather vapid, her darker side starts to appear near the end of Season 1 after she begins to suspect Shauna has been lying to her about her pregnancy. She also messes with Travis and Natalie's relationship for no apparent reason, which indicates that she has some more manipulative tendencies that we weren't previously aware of and is probably a lot smarter than she initially seems. This tracks with Geminis' tendency to have two sides and their intuition with others. You can't be that popular without knowing how to get people under people's skin, after all.

Cancer: Natalie

Natalie is a live wire. As a teenager and as an adult, Natalie wears her heart on her sleeve, and her emotions are always bubbling right under the surface, ready to erupt. Having grown up in an abusive household, Natalie is used to people disappointing her and is liable to lash out when she feels things are falling apart. We see this with Travis and with Kevyn, who she hurts preemptively because she doesn't want to be hurt herself. Because she feels everything and always lives on the edge of self-destruction, she does what she can to protect herself.

Natalie is an incredibly sensitive person, which is why she's also a Cancer. Cancers –- those born between June 21 and July 22 –- are the most emotional signs in the zodiac. They are incredibly empathetic and extremely loyal to the ones they love. Cancers are very sentimental and hold onto the people in their lives very tightly. For this reason, they can sometimes be vengeful and struggle to let things go.

For Natalie, this certainly holds true. Even though they met 25 years ago and have had a tumultuous relationship ever since, Natalie has never let go of Travis and fights for him even after his death. She feels everything very deeply, which is likely why she struggles to form meaningful relationships as an adult. She knows what it's like to be hurt and prefers to numb herself to feeling things when she can.

Leo: Van

Van is the jokester of the group, which proves to be quite a useful characteristic when trapped in the wilderness. She is brave, funny, loyal, and very earnest when she wants to be. The importance of Van's humor is evident in Season 1 when Van and a group of girls, including her secret girlfriend Tai, are camping in the woods one night trying to find a way out. It's dark out and they're afraid of wolves, so Van tells the girls the entire plot of the Sandra Bullock movie "While You Were Sleeping," with her own dramatic embellishments thrown in.

Van is most certainly a Leo. Applicable to those born between July 23 and August 22, Leos are known for being extravagant, dramatic, loyal, and entertaining. They have big personalities and are generally cheerful, generous, and warm people.

Van embodies the most positive qualities of Leos, and for this reason, is an essential member of the team. Van is very loyal, especially to Taissa, who she clearly has very strong feelings for. She follows Taissa out into the woods even though she thinks it's a bad idea because she wants to be brave and support her secret girlfriend. Of course, this then leads to her getting her face ripped off by a wolf, so maybe it wasn't the wisest decision after all. Nonetheless, Van's cheerful disposition and willingness to be there for the people she loves makes her perhaps the most likable member of the team.

Virgo: Misty

Virgos -– the sign for those born between August 23 and September 22 –- are analytical individuals who love solving problems and being useful. They are loyal, detail-oriented perfectionists whose downfall lies in their tendency to be overly critical and uptight.

In "Yellowjackets" there can only be one Virgo: Misty. Above all else, Misty zealously, desperately, and dangerously wants to be needed. This drives everything she does, from her actions in the woods to her behavior in the present day. Misty looks back at her time in the woods as the best time of her life, which tells you something about her mental state. She had a purpose, as Natalie puts it in an early episode, and she had people around her who depended on her, people who she might even call friends. While the other women see the woods as a time that ruined their lives, Misty feels differently.

In her modern-day job as a geriatric nurse, Misty clearly has some "angel of death" tendencies, as we see her attempt to kill a patient and take their money. She most certainly has a sadistic bent but, as far as we know, seems to view her actions as being helpful, even merciful. Like other Virgos, Misty is constantly processing information and trying to fix the problems around her. However, in Misty's case, many of these problems are ones she created herself.

Libra: Ben

Ben is the girls' assistant soccer coach and technically the only adult present after the crash. He loses his leg -– in fact, Misty cuts it off –- after they crash in the woods, and from then on uses a crutch to get around, which limits his ability to help. Being the only adult in the group, Ben does his best to act as the voice of reason among the girls (and boys) in the woods. All in all, he comes off as a pretty stand-up guy and even finds time to give Travis "the talk" after he starts hooking up with Natalie.

Throughout their time in the woods, Ben tries to be a leader and ensure everyone gets along. For this reason, Ben is a Libra, which you are too if you were born between September 23 and October 23. Libras are known as the diplomats of the zodiac, and they are cooperative people interested in keeping the peace. They can often see every side of a situation and have great compassion and empathy for others.

During a conversation with Natalie, we learn more about Ben. Namely, he's gay and has a boyfriend in New York City. He tells Natalie not to tell anyone and seems more concerned with getting everyone home safely than his own personal woes. Ben's determination to keep everyone safe and sane is admirable, and his Libra qualities shine when the stakes are high.

Scorpio: Shauna

Shauna is slippery, mysterious, and frankly, a pretty dangerous character. For these reasons, Shauna is also a Scorpio. Applicable to those born between October 23 and November 21, the sign of Scorpio is known as the alchemist, and those born under this sign are considered brave, cunning, and enigmatic. Scorpios can be loyal friends and lovers but desire control and are inclined to use manipulation to get their way.

Shauna is one of the most interesting characters in "Yellowjackets" because her true nature emerges in the woods. While she initially comes off as shy and cautious, especially since she is always playing second fiddle to her best friend Jackie, Shauna comes into her own after the crash. She finds herself quite adept at various survival skills — like carving up dead animals.

As an adult, Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) wants to pretend like she's a normal, well-adjusted woman when in reality, she's actually deeply disturbed. In the woods, she was good with her hands, but at home, she uses her hands mainly for domestic duties, the importance of which -– both culturally and in her own family –- is often overlooked. She longs to be wild and free and live out her desires, consequences be damned. Shauna's true feelings are rarely known by anyone but herself, making her a very mysterious and darkly perplexing character. An extremely intelligent and enigmatic person, Shauna's a Scorpio through and through.

Sagittarius: Jessica Roberts

While she initially disguises herself as a reporter wanting to write about the surviving Yellowjackets, it's later revealed that Jessica Roberts is working for Taissa. Jessica is hired by Tiassa to determine if the other women are liable to speak to the press about what really happened in the woods and ruin her campaign for senator. It quickly becomes apparent that Jessica is not the one sending ominous postcards to the Yellowjackets and that she has gotten herself involved in something bigger and more insidious than she realizes.

Despite the danger she finds herself in, Jessica rarely appears afraid and is driven to find the missing pieces of the puzzle. She always stands her ground –- which seems to be more of a personality trait than evidence of her undying devotion to Taissa -– even when Misty sadistically holds her captive in her basement.

Owing to her dedicated curiosity and unfettered thirst for the truth, Jessica is a Sagittarius. Sagittarians, who are born between November 22 and December 21, are known as the travelers among the zodiac, who seek truth and knowledge above all else. They are spontaneous and prone to breaking the rules and resisting normalcy. For Jessica, these traits make her good at her job, whatever it may be, exactly, and a formidable opponent for the likes of Misty. She is determined, smart, cunning, and not one to back down, which means she is a great investigator and a total Scorpio.

Capricorn: Taissa

More than anything else, Taissa wants to feel like she has control. She was probably like this even before the crash, but while in the woods, she is the one who always has to have a plan and is the biggest skeptic in the group in regards to the supernatural. As an adult, Taissa is determined to become a senator and show the world how successful she is. Like Shauna, she's interested in keeping up appearances and prioritizes success above almost everything else.

For these reasons, Taissa is most certainly a Capricorn, which you are too if you were born between December 22 and January 19. Capricorns are natural leaders who are disciplined, stoic, and hard-working. They often quash any emotions that might get in the way of their success and can sometimes be rather condescending and overly serious.

For Taissa, her Capricorn qualities often lead to her downfall. She's not willing to let people in and is terrified of showing weakness. She's committed to being successful and appearing strong but doesn't know what to do with success when she gets it. She wants to control how people see and react to her, which leads to her ignoring her own feelings and what she actually desires for herself. Though her personality sometimes makes her a good leader –- the other girls trust her because of her determination and confidence -– it also means she's not really in touch with herself in any meaningful way.

Aquarius: Laura Lee

Applicable to those born between January 20 and February 18, the sign of Aquarius is known as the humanitarian of the zodiac. Aquarians are independent thinkers who are assertive in their opinions and often come off as somewhat eccentric. Though they are interested in thinking about the bigger questions about humanity as a whole, they often find it difficult to connect with other people as individuals.

In "Yellowjackets," if there's one character who's always thinking about the bigger picture, it's got to be Laura Lee. Laura Lee is driven, above all else, by her faith. In a flashback scene, we see that she has a near-death experience at Christian summer camp and is saved by a hunky lifeguard, who in turn tells her she was saved by Jesus. This moment solidified her faith in God. She embodies this faith when she decides that her purpose in the woods is to fly the abandoned plane and get help. Of course, like most things in the woods, this doesn't go to plan, and the plane explodes in the sky before she can get help.

Like many Aquarians, Laura Lee doesn't care what people think of her and is driven by her own morality above all else. This makes her a formidable figure but also means she's not super close with any of the other members of the team, save Lottie, because they don't share her faith.

Pisces: Lottie

Lottie quickly proves herself to be something of a clairvoyant, essentially predicting the wolf attack, and as Van helpfully reminds us, she also predicted prom queen the year before. We see in flashbacks that Lottie has always had these tendencies ever since she was a child, with one scene showing Lottie preventing her parents from getting into a car crash by yelling from the back seat. Subsequently, her parents put her on anti-psychotic meds to quell what they believe to be mental illness.

While in the woods, Lottie runs out of her meds and starts having visions again, visions that only the likes of ever-faithful Laura Lee and Van seem to believe. Lottie's clear inclination to clairvoyance means she is most definitely a Pisces, the last sign in the zodiac. Pisces –- the water sign of those born between February 19 and March 20 –- are described as dreamers, and they are known to be very intuitive and prone to fantasy. For this reason, Pisces are one of the signs most likely to display psychic qualities, as they are highly imaginative and often struggle to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

Regardless of where exactly Lottie's visions are coming from or what they mean, it's clear that she has some sort of psychic ability, an ability that has been suppressed for most of her life. Lottie's Pisces qualities are certainly useful in the situation the Yellowjackets find themselves in, but deciphering Lottie's visions is another matter entirely.