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Lady Gaga Actually Improvised This Iconic House Of Gucci Line

"House of Gucci," which was one of the most highly anticipated films of 2021, shines a spotlight on the controversial family behind the legendary Italian fashion brand, and the real-life Gucci family isn't necessarily thrilled about that.

Despite the family's condemnation of the film and the mixed reviews it received, everyone who saw it seems to agree that Lady Gaga stole the show with her performance as Patrizia Reggiani, the former wife of Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver). The critics consensus on Rotten Tomatoes calls Gaga's turn in "House of Gucci" a "note-perfect performance" that has a "timeless style all its own," and she received a Golden Globe nomination for her work in the film (via Golden Globes).

The pop star has always been theatrical, so it's not surprising that she shined in such a camp, over-the-top role. She's also been open about how committed she was to the part, doing everything from intensely studying different Italian dialects to essentially living as the character for a year and a half (via British Vogue).

Although Gaga's approach to "House of Gucci" seems calculated, she wasn't afraid to improvise, including in a steamy scene with co-star Adam Driver. However, some fans may be surprised to learn that Gaga's most memorable line in the "House of Gucci" trailer is actually one she came up with herself.

Father, Son, and House of Gaga

In an interview with Variety, Lady Gaga revealed that she improvised the "House of Gucci" trailer's most quotable line: "Father, Son, and House of Gucci." Clips of the pop star as socialite and convicted proxy killer Patrizia Reggiani making the sign of the cross while she deadpans the line went viral on social media after the trailer's release, and it turns out that it was a complete invention of Gaga's.

The actor explained to Variety that she would often improvise lines on set and the "House of Gucci" one just happened to stick. "I would do [that line] in the trailer all the time," Gaga said. "And then something about that scene when we were doing it felt right. We did it, and it's a testament to Ridley Scott as a director because he uses the stuff. He uses the creativity. He uses the love."

Speaking with the outlet, "House of Gucci" screenwriter Roberto Bentivegna also remarked about how often the star would come up with clever lines while filming her scenes. "That was Gaga the ad-libber at work," Bentivegna said. "It's iconic. Amazing. There was so many great ad-libs that didn't make the cut."

"House of Gucci" is currently playing in theaters.