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Why Captain Locke From Peacemaker Looks So Familiar

Having stolen the show in "The Suicide Squad" thanks to his standout tighty-whiteys and morally dubious exploits, Peacemaker (John Cena) is back in action courtesy of his own spin-off series on HBO Max. The eight-episode comic caper sees the titular antihero out to establish peace, and he doesn't care who he has to kill to achieve his noble goal. No one ever made an omelet without breaking a few eggs first, right?

The HBO series sees Cena's character share screen time with multiple unique personalities, including Vigilante and the clumsy John Economos. However, one exciting piece of casting is none other than Chris Heyerdahl, who plays Captain Locke in all eight installments. 

Heyerdahl is a film and television veteran who has been working steadily since 1987. He's especially known for playing antagonistic characters in strange genre projects, making him a perfect fit for a James Gunn vehicle. But most viewers probably know him from a number of popular TV shows that have graced the small screen in the 21st century.

Stargate: Atlantis saw Christopher Heyerdahl play multiple characters

The "Stargate" franchise might not have gained the same amount of buzz as "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" in the realm of science fiction. However, it still boasts a massive fan base in pop culture circles, having been a regular fixture in movies and on television since 1994. "Stargate: Atlantis" isn't the most critically acclaimed entry of the bunch, but it is remembered fondly among fans, as evidenced by its 82% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes

Created by Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper, "Stargate: Atlantis" aired for five seasons between 2004 and 2009. The story follows a group of space explorers who, after discovering the titular lost city, find themselves in a fight for survival against humanoid vampiric creatures known as the Wraith. Heyerdahl made his "Stargate" debut in the "Revisions" episode of "SG1," playing a character by the name of Pallan. However, his role in "Atlantis" was more significant as he appeared in 22 episodes, portraying a deeply spiritual Athosian known as Halling, as well as the Wraith commander Todd. 

Christopher Heyerdahl likes playing vampires

It seems that Christopher Heyerdahl has a knack for playing vampiric figures. The actor had a recurring role in the fifth season of HBO's "True Blood," a lurid Southern Gothic drama that envisions a world in which vampires and humans attempt to co-exist. Things get complicated, often resulting in bloodletting and carnal passions rising to the fore.

Heyerdahl's role in "True Blood" was that of Dieter Braun, Chancellor of the Vampire Authority. As to be expected from a vampire of Dieter's status, he's an authoritative and intimidating figure who commands respect. Of course, this is also down to the fact he has a reputation for torturing his enemies in brutally innovative ways.

Following his tenure in "True Blood," Heyerdahl fanged up again for "Van Helsing," playing a vicious finger-collecting serial killer who eventually gets turned into a vampire. The actor was regularly present in the first four seasons of the Syfy series, which ended in 2021 after wrapping its final planned installment.

Christopher Heyerdahl played a demon in Supernatural

Christopher Heyerdahl's time in "Supernatural" was, in the grand scheme of things, shorter than a cup of coffee. That being said, his performance as the demonic Alastair made a positive impression on the show's fans and cast members alike. According to the True Blood fandom, he was singled out for praise by Jensen Ackles at the 2011 Supernatural Convention in Los Angeles, who claimed that Heyerdahl "out-acted" him during their scenes together.

"Supernatural" — which chronicles the adventures of two brothers as they hunt demons, angels and other creatures that pose a risk to humanity — gave Heyerdahl an important role, even if it was a short-term one. His character was essentially the most infamous and sadistic torturer in Hell, and he got to know Dean (Ackles) quite intimately during the hunters' time in the underworld during the third season.

Heyerdahl was one of three performers to bring the spooky character to life during the show's run. Mark Rolston and Andrew Wheeler were also pretty memorable in their own right.

Hell on Wheels took Christopher Heyerdahl to post-Civil War America

While Heyerdahl is arguably most known for his small-screen horror and sci-fi projects, he's a versatile actor with a resume that features projects of all genres. "Hell on Wheels" doesn't include any supernatural foes, but it does revolve around the biggest monster of them all — humankind.

The AMC Western series takes place in the aftermath of the American Civil War and follows a former Confederate soldier who's out to avenge the death of his wife. Set against the backdrop of the Transcontinental Railroad being built, the critically acclaimed drama — hailed as one of television's greatest Westerns – explores a significant period in American history while telling a bloody story that embraces the hallmark elements of its genre.

Heyerdahl's "Hell on Wheels" character is Thor Gundersen aka The Swede, head of security for Thomas Durant (Colm Meaney), a fictionalized version of the real-life businessman who built railroads in the Midwest in the 19th century. The Swede is a complicated character who appeared in several seasons of the show, and he isn't the type of fella you want to mess with. The actor also revealed that Thor was one of his favorite parts to play, telling AMC that "[the role] will forever be a part of the patchwork of the quilt of my career."

Christopher Heyerdahl played a raider in Star Trek: Discovery

It's understandable why Heyerdahl has been approached to star in several science fiction projects. The actor's tall, slender and imposing physique makes him a natural fit for playing otherworldly characters. Then again, some of his sci-fi roles have been somewhat grounded. Having proven his genre credentials in the "Stargate" franchise, he was cast as a human bandit in a 2020 episode of "Star Trek Discovery," making him one of a surprisingly substantial list of actors to appear in both franchises.

The sci-fi series saw Heyerdahl play Wen, the leader of the Dilithium raiders, in the episode titled "People of Earth." Wen is a nuanced character who's viewed as an antagonist in the eyes of the Earth Defense Force at first, but they're able to put their differences aside when it's established that he is merely desperate to survive and save Titan. "People of Earth" was well-received upon release, and the episode currently boasts a 7.1 rating on IMDb.