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The Breaking Bad Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Vince Gilligan's seminal drama series "Breaking Bad" was a must-see for five seasons of gripping television. The dark and gritty crime drama on the AMC network followed an ailing high school chemistry teacher in his journey from terminal lung cancer patient to criminal mastermind and methamphetamine cook. Since its inception, "Breaking Bad" has been called the greatest show in television history on more than one occasion and its notable for being a series that gets viewers to actively root for the villain. Said villain, Walter White, garnered actor Bryan Cranston three consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series — in 2008, 2009, and 2010, according to Emmys.com — and four wins in total across his five consecutive nominations.

Of course, Cranston wasn't the only one bringing home shiny gold hardware. Aaron Paul, who plays Walter's partner in crime, Jesse Pinkman, was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series four times, winning twice (via Emmys.com). Anna Gunn, the actor behind Walter's wife, Skyler, took home the award for two of the three times she was nominated (via Emmys.com).

"Breaking Bad" featured plenty of characters that were memorable, whether they earned the actor behind them an award nomination or not. Various unsavory characters of differing levels of menace populated the series' universe, from low-level street dealers to cartel kingpins and contract killers. All of them resonated with viewers for one reason or another, so we decided to figure out which of our favorite characters aligned with traditional astrological signs. This is the "Breaking Bad" character you are based on your zodiac sign, according to the traits listed by Refinery 29.

Aries is Walter White

In previous explorations of the zodiac, we've found that a given property's lead character tends to be a good fit for the sign of Aries and "Breaking Bad" protagonist Walter White is no different — other than the fact that prior Aries have also been heroes, in addition to serving as the lead character. Walt doesn't tick all of the boxes from the traits we got from Refinery 29. He's certainly courageous; when diagnosed with terminal cancer he began a criminal enterprise — thus risking legal trouble and the dangers inherent to dealing with other criminals — in order to provide for his family. He was also determined, evident in his methodical and systematic approach to his criminal endeavors, because of the urgency he felt and the need to succeed. Another attribute Walt shares with Aries is confidence, though his comes to border on egomaniacal as his character arc progresses. Strengths Walt does not embody are those of enthusiasm, optimism, and honesty; in fact, he grew deviously deceptive along the way. But no one could deny the passion he developed for the chemical purity and utter perfection of his product.

Walt also falls prey to Aries' weaknesses. He's certainly impatient, allowing no room for error and getting upset with any setback. It's fair to say he was moody and short-tempered as well, with a venomous temper lurking below the mild-mannered surface. Walt was not given to impulsive behavior, instead remaining a creature of habit and routine so as to maintain his cover and go undetected. Given all his violent transgressions, he certainly embodies Aries' tendency to be aggressive.

Taurus is Hank Schrader

One of the few genuinely decent characters on "Breaking Bad," DEA agent Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) represented the side of law and order. His personality is similar to a lot of law enforcements characters. Hank also happens to be Walt's brother-in-law; they get along well enough at first, though their lack of commonality makes relating to each other difficult. Ironically, when Hank takes Walt to ride along on a bust, he starts his brother-in-law's criminal efforts in motion, as Walt sees future partner and former student Jesse Pinkman escape the scene.

In examining zodiac traits, we feel Hank most closely resembles Taurus. The trustworthy agent is reliable on multiple levels; in his chosen vocation, he serves the public good and as a person, he's always there for his family. We're not sure he's totally patient — given how he flies off the handle about minerals — but that's a trait that's key to investigating criminals. Hank is certainly devoted, both to his job and his wife, Marie (Betsy Brandt), which in turn makes him responsible. "Stable" probably isn't a good fit, given that he assaults Jesse in his home.

Hank is not without his negative traits and he certainly shares some with Taurus. He has a stubborn nature, though we assume that serves him well in his profession. He can tend to be possessive as well, when it comes to the investigation into Walt's blue meth that's circulating in New Mexico. Hank is also rather uncompromising, refusing to give in even when he's in the wrong.

Gemini is Saul Goodman

One thing every successful criminal is eventually going to need is a good lawyer. When it comes to the criminal characters on "Breaking Bad," they call upon the services of shiny sleazeball attorney Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) when they're in a jam. Saul is a criminal defense attorney in every sense of the word, given that he's licensed as a defense attorney and is indeed a criminal himself. The character was such a hit with fans that he was given his own "Breaking Bad" prequel spinoff, "Better Call Saul."

In assessing Sauls's strengths and weaknesses, we've determined he most closely aligns with Gemini. When it comes to positive traits, Saul is adaptable, which allows him to react to developing situations and deal with swift and sharp changes by rolling with the punches. While excitable, he typically maintains his composure when his clients are in need. Saul also has the ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas, responding to Walt and Jesse's needs, be they money laundering, exit strategies, or a lawsuit against the DEA for assault. 

On the other side of the coin, Saul displays all of the weaknesses listed for Gemini at Refinery 29. He's often nervous, expressing so clearly in what he says and his body language; let's face it, Saul's pretty fidgety and shaky. Likewise, he's inconsistent and indecisive, constantly on the fence about how Walt and Jesse should act and what their next moves should be, creating an overall nervous synergy despite his slick outward persona.

Cancer is Jesse Pinkman

Walter White's partner, Jesse Pinkman, is one of the most emotionally complex characters in the "Breaking Bad" universe. While he's a criminal from start to finish, he's not necessarily a bad guy. In many instance, he's very much a good guy who's simply made some very bad choices along the way. We think he's a perfect fit for the sign of Cancer, based on the characteristics we found at Refinery 29. Jesse is tenacious, often refusing to back down when tempers flare between him and Walt. He's loyal, showing deference to friends like Badger (Matt Jones) and Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) he knew from his small-time days. Jesse is certainly emotional, though that's a trait that can get the best of him as well. He's sympathetic and wants to help Andrea Cantillo (Emily Rios) and her son Brock (Ian Posada) have a better life. Jesse's also rather persuasive, able to convince his aforementioned friends to join his new-found enterprise with Walt, despite the fact that they face the primary risk as dealers. 

Jesse isn't immune to Cancer's weaknesses, including his tendency to be moody, the opposite end of his emotional nature. He's also pessimistic, worrying that everything could fall apart around him. To be honest, we can't blame him for being suspicious, given that Walt is constantly manipulating him and he rarely gets a straight answer from anyone else. Jesse's insecurity probably has a lot to do with how he was drawn to drug use to begin with, self medicating to feel better rather than dealing with his own personal issues.

Leo is Gus Fring

Gustavo "Gus" Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) is the embodiment of abject terror, a cool, calm, and collected character on the surface who's actually a cunning, cruel, and cold-blooded killer underneath. Given his dual nature, we were tempted to assign him to Gemini, which, as represented by a pair of celestial twins, can signify an individual living in two worlds, just like everyone's favorite fried chicken magnate and meth kingpin. Instead, we took a slightly loose interpretation and decided that Gus more closely aligns with Leo, the proud celestial lion. 

When it comes to Leo's strengths, they are creative, which certainly fits Gus' masquerade as a bustling restaurateur. Gus is passionate, at least when it comes to his business ventures, which is why he teamed with Walt and Jesse to begin with. While a Leo is often generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, and humorous, you'd be hard-pressed to find those traits in Gus, though they're certainly present in the faux persona he wears for the general public.

Leos are not without their weaknesses and neither is Gus. Like the proud lion, he is arrogant, which is why he underestimated Walt, which ultimately led to his demise. Gus is also stubborn, which fits with his arrogance, insisting that things are done his way. He's self-centered, evident in his need to conquer all and be the king of the entire meth operation. Likewise, Gus is inflexible, which is why he's so ruthless, preferring to destroy anything in his path rather than compromise his ideals.

Virgo is Mike Ehrmantraut

Not to be overlooked among some of the series' more colorful characters, Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) was more the strong and mostly silent type. As a criminal jack of all trades who worked for both Gus Fring and Saul Goodman, Mike was a curmudgeonly hatchet man and investigator who got things done when needed. Given his personal life and backstory, Mike most closely aligns with the sign of Virgo. He is loyal, taking care of his deceased son's wife Stacey (Kerry Condon) and daughter Kaylee (Kaija Roze Bales) after his death at the hands of corrupt fellow police officers in Philadelphia. Mike is analytical, figuring out all the angles in a given situation to give himself the best out if things go sideways. While not outwardly warm, he displays kindness in caring for his daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Mike is also hardworking, putting in long hours as a parking lot attendant and pulling odd jobs — we assume mostly criminal in nature — in order to provide for his family.

Mike displays some of Virgo's weaknesses, but certainly not all of them. For starters, you wouldn't call him shy by any means. Mike's not afraid of anyone or doing what needs to be done in any situation. He is prone to worry, however, especially when it comes to fearing the Salamancas would take revenge by hurting his family. Mike is overly critical of others, showing no mercy when he feels someone has screwed up. He's also all work and no play, which could be feeding his cynicism and grumpy nature.

Libra is Walter Jr.

Walter White Jr. (RJ Mitte) most closely lines up with the traits Refinery 29 gives for the sign of Libra. Though he's got the typical surly teenager vibe going on, Walter Jr. — or Flynn, as he chooses to go by when he's upset with his namesake father — is a pretty good kid. He works well with his mother and father, even setting up a fundraising website, savewalterwhite.com, in an effort to ease the burden of his dad's medical bills — unwittingly setting up the perfect way for Saul to help Walt launder the profits from his meth business. He's fair-minded, taking up for his father when Skyler kicks him out of the house, though he's blissfully ignorant to the circumstances behind the situation; had he been aware, he might have reacted differently but on the surface he simply saw his mother sending his ailing father away. Walter Jr. is also social, becoming increasingly more popular as he progressed in high school. 

Illustrating more than one of Libra's weaknesses, Walter Jr. is indecisive, unsure which of his parents to support as he learns more about the drama between them and switches sides. While he wasn't the kind to keep things bottled up, he did tend to avoid confrontations. Walter Jr. certainly had the propensity to carry a grudge — read: Flynn — and seemingly never forgave his father. One stark difference between him and Libra is that, despite living with the challenges of cerebral palsy, Walter Jr. did not engage in self-pity.

Scorpio is Marie Schrader

In our estimation, Marie Schrader is the closest match in the "Breaking Bad" universe for Scorpio. She's resourceful, promising to set Walt up with an "oncology dream team" when she first learns of his diagnosis, connections she has as a result of her job as a radiologic technologist. She also arranges media coverage for Walter Jr.'s fundraising website. Marie is brave in a certain sense, considering her habit of shoplifting could get her in serious trouble with the law — and does cause considerable trouble with her sister, Skyler, when she gifts her a stolen, gold tiara at her baby shower. She's passionate, particularly when it comes to the color purple — seriously, it's like her entire wardrobe. Marie can be stubborn, and her insistence on meddling and offering unsolicited advice leads to tension with her sister. At the end of the day, she's a true friend and will go to battle for those whom she loves.

In considering Scorpio's weaknesses, Marie ticks all the boxes. She's distrusting, confronting Skyler about Walt's identity as the villainous Heisenberg and ultimately learning the truth. Marie is also jealous, clearly envious of Skyler's pregnancy with baby Holly. Although her husband knows about her shoplifting and kleptomania, we think the behavior is enough to call her secretive, especially given that she doesn't tell Hank when she relapses. Though it seems unlikely, Marie is also violent, telling her therapist about fantasizing about poisoning and possibly killing "a family friend" —read: Walt — when she learns of his villainous nature.

Sagittarius is Skinny Pete

We feel that Skinny Pete never quite got the amount of character development he deserved, so we're going to explore his personality through the lens of Sagittarius. He's generous, as he's the person who initially sets Jesse and Walt up with Tuco Salamanca (Raymond Cruz), having met him while in prison. This comes in addition to the fact that Pete helps Jesse out by letting him crash at his place and helps his old friend during the events in the "Breaking Bad" movie, "El Camino." He proves himself to be idealistic when he and Badger reform their ways and follow the 12-step program, also refusing to tempt others in recovery with the meth Jesse's skimmed from Gus Fring. Along the way, Pete shows he's got a great sense of humor, particularly when it comes to science fiction. He talks about the merits of "Star Wars" character Darth Vader being an outlaw but still having responsibilities and also explains his theory that the transporter on "Star Trek" actually creates a copy of the individual and kills the original.

As for Sagittarius' weaknesses, they, like Pete, tend to promise more than can they deliver. It's evident in his relative shortcomings as a drug dealer and is an unexpected result of his refusal to try to undermine NA members' efforts to recover, which is, of course, actually a virtue. Pete will also say pretty much anything, no matter how undiplomatic it may be, like describing the color of the coffin in which their dead friend Combo (Rodney Rush) was buried in like that of a Lexus he once saw.

Capricorn is Skyler White

Contrary to what audiences might have expected, Skyler White didn't lose her mind and turn Walt in when she found out about her husband's illicit empire; she actually became involved and invested in the venture. Given this side of Skyler, we're confident in assessing her as the best character that fits with the sign of Capricorn. She's responsible, coming up with a plausible way for laundering the drug profits in the form of the car wash she and Walt purchase from his former boss. Skyler is disciplined, having a cooler head than her rash husband and demonstrating a measure of self-control, despite lashing out more than once. As a result of these traits, like a lot of Capricorns, Skyler makes for a good manager, keeping all the family's ducks in a row.

Despite her positive traits, Skyler has her downsides as well. Her refusal to back down on the car wash, as she opposed the idea of purchasing a laser tag venue, made her come off as a bit of a know-it-all. Skyler is unforgiving, never fully reconciling with Walt over the damage he'd done to their family, though that's a totally fair reaction to have. She can be condescending and otherwise verbally vicious when something or someone is not up to her standards. Skyler also tends to worry and expect the worst, though, again, that's understandable given that she discovers her erstwhile dying husband is a secret drug kingpin.

Aquarius is Todd Alquist

It is with the deepest of apologies that we inform those born under Aquarius that their "Breaking Bad" character is Todd Alquist (Jesse Plemmons). He's not a perfect fit, but, with some creative analysis and mental gymnastics, he's the closest we're going to get. Sure, he doesn't really match any of Capricorn's strengths. You'd never call him progressive, given that he associates with and works for his neo-Nazi uncle, Jack Welker (Michael Bowen). Todd is a born follower, not an original human being by any stretch of the imagination. That nixes independent as well. As for humanitarian? Well it was his idea to keep Jesse around to cook meth for the gang, turning him into a slave for several months; draw you own conclusions as to wether or not that shoe fits. 

Todd's status as a Capricorn stems solely on his display of the signs weaknesses. Capricorns are said to run from emotional expression, which is close enough to Todd's disposition of seemingly never emoting whatsoever. He went from smiling to shooting a child dead without blinking. Todd is also uncompromising, going so far as to kill Jesse's girlfriend, Andrea, and threatening to kill her son, Brock, if Jesse doesn't cooperate and cook meth for Jack's gang. Capricorns are said to be aloof, which sounds about right. Jesse's tendency not to emote suggests that he's missing a vital component to being a human being and we're not sure a person can get more aloof than that.

Pisces is Jane Margolis

Rounding out our "Breaking Bad" astrological breakdown is Jesse's former girlfriend, Jane Margolis (Krysten Ritter). We say "former" and not "ex" for one key reason, of course: she's dead. Jane asphyxiated on her own vomit while in bed with Jesse as a result of a drug overdose after they both got high and Walt allowed her to die in order to more easily keep Jesse under his thumb. 

Jane most closely lines up with the sign of Pisces, represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. She was compassionate, finding true kinship with love with Jesse, helping him to address his myriad personal issues. Jane was also artistic, drawing Jesse a picture of the Apologygirl superhero she created as a way to say she was sorry. They also discussed visiting a Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit in the course of Season 2. She displayed wisdom in devising a scheme to blackmail Walt into giving Jesse his cut of the profits, which he had been withholding until Jesse got clean.

When it comes to Capricorn's weaknesses, Jane's defining trait is her desire to escape reality. She wants to get away from her father, hence helping Jesse get his money from Walt, and the trauma and issues in her life caused her to turn to drugs, the ultimate attempt to escape from the pain of reality.