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The Best Blue Bloods Season Finale According To IMDb

CBS cop drama "Blue Bloods" has now been on the air for 12 seasons, having aired over 240 episodes since its debut in September 2010. Part of the reason for the show's endurance in a contemporary television landscape overloaded with good TV goes back to how deeply fans have become invested in the everyday drama of the Reagan family. As a clan with several generations of police officers and law enforcement officials, the Reagans sometimes clash, but the family members ultimately always come together for Sunday night dinner and when one of them needs help.

This also means that the season finales of "Blue Bloods" tend to be destabilizing or life-changing for the tight-knit clan, with the tension from season-capping events escalating things for them. Whether that means Frank Reagan's (Tom Selleck) job is in jeopardy, or the mayor of New York City survives an assassination attempt, or there's a big family wedding to attend, a "Blue Bloods" season finale is never a low-key affair. 

It can be hard to choose which "Blue Bloods" season finale episode is the best when there are several worthy, must-see episodes. However, fans of the show can be picky about which finale is actually the best one. Here is, officially speaking, the best season finale of "Blue Bloods," according to IMDb.

The Season 10 finale is the highest rated Blue Bloods finale on IMDb

According to IMDb votes, the Season 10 finale of "Blue Bloods" is not only the best finale of the series but also the highest-rated episode of the show to date. The episode, which is called "Family Secrets" (via IMDb), has an extremely strong 9.2 out of 10 rating on the site from viewers.

In the family-centric episode, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Linda's (Amy Carlson) son, Sean Reagan (Andrew Terraciano), learns he has a familial DNA match with someone he's never met, and he tries to find out the match's identity. After he does some detective work (which should come naturally since the investigative mindset runs in the family), Sean discovers the match is his cousin, Detective Joseph Hill (Will Hochman), the son of deceased son Joe Reagan. Joseph's existence is unknown to the Reagans, as well as Joe while he was alive. However, Sean decides to invite him over to Sunday night dinner at the end of the episode.

When citing why they rated the episode so strongly, IMDb commenters cited the twist of Joseph's existence and the Reagans accepting him (via IMDb). IMDb user guidokuwas wrote that it was "beautiful how the whole family welcomed Joe with open arms, no questions asked, no conditions set." Another noted Selleck's performance when Frank met his grandson wa "a masterclass in acting." As user penny-15539 put it, "After 10 years, ['Blue Bloods'] still keeps delivering excellent drama."