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The Worst Blue Bloods Season Finale According To IMDb

"Blue Bloods" is currently in Season 12, and the show is not one to shine away from explosive finales. The series follows an Irish-Catholic family in New York, where every family member represents a different aspect of police or legal work, with a detective, a lawyer, and a police commissioner. The first season saw the Reagan family get involved with dirty cops who were willing to do anything during its finale. Other season finales have dealt with gun-running, secret familial relationships, weddings, and serial drive-by shooters. The show has been an overall hit with fans of police procedurals, and the series currently has an 89% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Some of the highest-rated "Blue Bloods" finales have involved the previously mentioned secret family connection, gang shootings, and hostile town-hall-style meetings with the mayor and citizenry. However, if we are to base things on IMDb ratings, which season-ending episode of "Blue Bloods" is the lowest-rated so far?

Season 6 has the worst current finale of Blue Bloods

According to IMDb, the lowest-rated season finale came at the end of Season 6. Originally airing in May 2016, "Blowback" has an overall rating of 7.9 out of 10. By no means is this the worst episode of "Blue Bloods" ever. The lowest-rated episodes tend to hover around a 6.7 rating, but among all season finales, "Blowback" is, unfortunately, the poorest-rated at the moment.

The plot of "Blowback" centers on a cop that is not indicted for shooting a teenager, which causes the public to become irate. This causes a major headache for almost every member of the Reagan family, all the way from Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) to Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg). The police officer who committed the shooting is later shot in supposed retaliation, which only further exacerbates the problems at hand.

Speaking to TV Insider, executive producer Kevin Wade said of the episode and its content, "Legal and police cases drive the episodes, but we're careful to choose stories where there's a built-in dilemma for our characters, and they consult one another as to whether justice is in fact black or white. It's a street-level crime story that ends up drawing our main characters not only into that story, but into conflict with each other." 

With Season 12 eventually coming to a close, fans will have to wait and see how the next finale ranks among the others that have come before it.